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Program Evaluation Services

Our evaluation services helps organizations answer questions about the programs they are implementing. Our team has experience with a variety of organizations to implement both process and outcome evaluations. Process evaluation measures program implementation, with a focus on program improvement and informing the quality of service delivery. Outcome evaluation focuses on examining changes associated with the implementation of a program and is essential in understanding overall impacts. Whether you are looking to implement a customized evaluation plan or collect data related to an existing evaluation framework, CAR can support your needs.

Customized Statistical Analysis Services

Our statistical analysis services involve a broad collection of approaches to bring meaning to data by breaking data down and identifying relationships and trends. CAR includes statisticians and researchers with expertise in analyzing quantitative and qualitative data in a variety of contexts. The goal of statistical consultation is for clients to make sense of their data, draw tangible conclusions, and make data-driven decisions.

Grant Writing - Proposal Development Services

CAR has worked with numerous organizations in pursuing local, state, and federal grant opportunities. Our team works collaboratively with organizations through the proposal process. Services can range from basic consultation involving brainstorming of ideas, to identifying background literature to ground proposals in research, to crafting evaluation or research designs to measure impact of proposed activities, to writing select portions of the grant or the grant in its entirety. CAR works with clients to identify your needs and support your grant development needs.

Data Management Services

CAR assists organizations in creating and maintaining sustainable data management strategies to answer the research questions small and large organizations might have. We work with clients to understand data needs, create solutions to address these needs, and provide technical assistance to enhance the reliability of existing data collection strategies. Our team creates solutions to data management issues, as well as completes data quality checks to ensure programs are accurately entering reliable and valid information.

On-Site Training and Technical Assistance

CAR provides organizations with relevant trainings in two ways. First, CAR provides trainings regarding evaluation findings and data management strategies. CAR works with your organization to build capacity for understanding evaluation principles and strengthen the culture of the organization to support evaluation. Workshops can include: Basics of Evaluation and Logic Model Development, Constructing Evaluation and Data Management Plans, Communicating Evaluation Results to Stakeholders, and Developing Data-Based Improvement Plans. In addition, day-to-day technical assistance is available for organizations entering or collecting data on an ongoing basis.

Second, CAR faculty provide trainings related to their area of expertise, translating research to practice. CAR faculty have provided organizations with training and technical assistance on the following topics:

  • Educating Parents of Children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Behavior Management of School Age Youth
  • Working with Special Education Services
  • Measuring Child Outcomes
  • Trauma Informed Care
  • Improving Academic and Social Emotional Outcomes of Youth

If you are interested in having someone from CAR provide one of these professional development workshops to your organization, please contact CAR faculty may also be able to develop additional workshops geared towards your organization's needs. Please contact us today!