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Bereavement Policy

Students who experience the death of a loved one must contact the Dean of Students (DOS) Office (920) 465-2152 or if the student wishes to implement either the Standard Bereavement Procedure or the Leave of Absence Bereavement Procedure. The DOS office has the right to request a document that verifies the death (e.g., a funeral program or death notice).

Typically this death involves that of a family member, in parallel to the bereavement policy for faculty and staff. However, it is up to the discretion of the DOS office to determine if a death outside of the immediate family warrants implementation of the student bereavement policy.

Standard Bereavement Procedure

Upon approval from the DOS office, the student is allowed one week, commencing from the day of notification to the DOS office, of excused absence. Should the student feel that he/she needs additional days, these should be discussed with individual course instructors and/or the DOS office.

  • The DOS office will contact the student’s advisor, and faculty and academic staff of the student’s courses.
  • Faculty and academic staff will be advised that extensions must be granted to the student for the period of one week of excused absence.
  • Further extensions may be negotiated with the student when he or she returns to campus. Students are encouraged to discuss options with their instructors.

Leave of Absence Bereavement Procedure

Students may be allowed to withdraw from the semester in which the death occurs. The Bereavement Leave of Absence is for one semester only. Students who have opted to take the “Bereavement Leave of Absence” and have already attended classes for the semester of the leave will be allowed to re-enter the following semester without having to reapply to the university. Students who wish to take the leave of absence prior to the beginning of the semester will be required to reapply for the following semester.

Students who are in good academic standing will be given the opportunity to successfully complete the credits for the semester in which they return. Students will consult with the DOS office, on a case by case basis, as to whether they should withdraw from their courses during this leave of absence or to request incompletes from the faculty member.

Given that there may be a potential impact on financial aid, students who receive financial aid and who take the “Bereavement Leave of Absence,” upon arrangement with the DOS office, will meet with a financial aid advisor prior to taking this option.

As an option, and in consultation with the DOS office, students make take the Leave of Absence Bereavement after the Standard Bereavement.

A reference to the Student Bereavement Policies will be noted on course syllabi.

Suggested Language for Course Syllabi:

Student Bereavement Policy
Upon approval from the Dean of Students, students who experience the death of a loved one are allowed one week, commencing from the day of notification to the Dean of Students, of excused absence. Students may also take a Bereavement Leave of Absence for the semester in which the death occurs. Permission to do so will occur upon consultation with the Dean of Students.