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General Information

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Information Security

The University of Wisconsin Green Bay Division of Information Technology is dedicated to securing the information that is entrusted to it by our students and employees. Significant staff and financial resources are spent each year to maintain and improve the security posture of campus information technology (IT) systems. The role of information security staff is to endeavor to make campus computers, networks, servers, and the information they contain as secure as possible. Information security staff monitor IT systems for indications of illicit activity and respond and investigate reported data security breaches.

The responsibility of ensuring information security falls to every campus member. Information security staff are available to work with campus departments to improve the security of the information they are responsible for.


Acceptable Use of UWGB Computer Systems

By using UWGB systems, all users acknowledge notice of, and agree to comply with, the University’s Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy (AUP). Unauthorized or improper use of systems may result in administrative disciplinary action, civil charges/criminal penalties, and/or other sanctions as set forth in the University’s AUP. By UWGB computer systems you indicate your awareness of and consent to these terms and conditions of use.