The Behavioral Intervention Team is made up of staff from multiple offices with the mission of responding to students in crisis, distress or disruptive to university operations. Commonly called a Threat Assessment Team, this group works to make sure students are safe and cared for as needed. The team meets as needed to respond to developing situations.

The inter-disciplinary approach allows for situations to be reviewed from several angles and will seek additional assistance from family members and relevant faculty/staff as the situation requires. In each case the team attempts to gather information about a student, recommend a course of action, and decide who is the best person to reach out to that student. 

The membership includes:

University Police Dean of Students Housing & Residential Education Other Support Offices
Chief Tony Decker Gail Sims-Aubert Adam Neveau Amy Henniges - Wellness Center
  Mark Olkowski (Chair)    
  Erin Van Daalwyk