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The Behavioral Intervention Team is made up of staff from multiple offices with the mission of responding to students in crisis, distress or disruptive to university operations. Commonly called a Threat Assessment Team, this group works to make sure students are safe and cared for as needed. The team meets every other week, or as needed to respond to developing situations.

Our inter-disciplinary approach allows for the situation to be reviewed from several angles and will seek additional assistance from family members, additional staff or faculty as the situation requires. In each case the team attempts to gather as much information about a student, recommend a course of action, and decide who is the best point person to reach out to that student guide them back to a safe place.

The membership is as follows:

Public Safety Dean of Students Resident Life Other Support Offices
Chief TBD Eric Arneson Gail Sims-Aubert Amy Henniges - Counseling & Health
Lt. Jeff Gross Mark Olkowski (Chair) Joanie Dovekas Lynn Niemi - Disability Services
Sgt. Cindy Estrup Erin Van Daalwyk   Kate Burns - Arts, Humanities And Social Sciences
      Kassondra Batchelor - Athletics