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Non-Academic Conduct Policies

The UW-Green Bay campus has a number of policies students should be aware of. Below is a list of the most important policies which govern student behavior outside of academics. Please look them over and if you have any questions, please contact the Dean of Students Office by phone (920-465-2152) or stop by for a visit (2000 Student Services).

Student Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedures (UWS Chapter 17)

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This chapter of the Universities of Wisconsin administrative code defines the most severe forms of misconduct, hearing and appeal procedures and the officers responsible for making the process work. The conduct process provides an opportunity for a student to be heard and ensures the accused student has some rights. Chapter 17 is applied to all Universities of Wisconsin institutions, making suspension and expulsion a system wide sanction, not just a UW Green Bay issue. Students should also be aware that violations of system policy that take place on campuses other than UW Green Bay, may be referred back to UW Green Bay for disciplinary action.

Conduct on University Lands (UWS Chapter 18)

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This chapter of the Universities of Wisconsin administrative code defines a wide range of restricted behaviors on university lands or at campus sponsored events. UWS 18 applies students, employees and even guests. These policies are enforced using the procedures defined in Chapter 17. Chapter 18 is a Universities of Wisconsin policy, so these policies are enforced at all UW campuses. Student misconduct found at another UW campus may be referred back to UW-Green Bay for disciplinary action. UWGB University Police officers may also issue citations for violations of these policies just as they would state law.


UW-Green Bay provides access to campus network resources, including the Internet, in order to support learning and to prepare students for an increasingly technological world. Respectful use of these resources means they will remain available to all, and can be updated on a routine basis. Details of the Student Acceptable Use Policy for Technology and the Internet are available.

Alcohol and Controlled Substance

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Not every student chooses to use alcohol or drugs. But everyone is effected either directly or indirect by substance use. For this reason our campus enforces all state and federal laws related to alcohol and drugs. We also have our own policies to prevent and disrupt substance use issues before they harm more of our community members. Please review the campus alcohol and drug policy to gain an understanding of where and when alcohol is allowed on campus.

Harassment & Discrimination

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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment that is free of bias, prejudice, and harassment-an environment that supports, nurtures, and rewards career and educational advancement on the basis of ability and performance. Discrimination against or harassment of any member of the University community is prohibited by law and undermines the character and purpose of the University. Such harassment and/or discrimination is illegal and against University policy and will not be tolerated. You can make a report.

Student Housing Policies

The Office of Housing & Residential Education maintains policies designed to make living on campus a pleasurable and safe experience. Student residents agreed to these terms as part of their housing contact. Guests of all students are also expected to abide by these policies or their host will be held accountable. You can review the Housing Contact and Housing Handbook.


All student eductaional records are private under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Information will not be released to any person(s), including parents, without the consent of the student, using the FERPA Release Form. Other university officials may have access to records on a need to know basis. You can review the FERPA Release Form.