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Mission & Objectives

UW-Green Bay Student Conduct Mission Statement

The UW-Green Bay student conduct system supports a campus community which is welcoming, safe and supportive of academic and personal growth. The student conduct system accomplishes this by making students aware of campus expectations, addressing complaints and holding students accountable for their actions. Maintaining fairness, objectivity and respect for each individual is also part of this process. Through the student conduct process students will learn critical thinking skills and inclusivity of other viewpoints so individuals can make the personal choices right for themselves and the campus community.


  • Support the UW-Green Bay mission by helping create a safe and civil campus environment.
  • Administer an objective conduct system which addresses the needs of individuals and community.
  • All participants in the campus conduct process feel heard and understand student rights and responsibilities.
  • Challenge behavior that does not adhere to community standards and support the educative process.
  • Partner with other campus resources to serve the whole student.

Critical Functions

  • Educate students on community living and their role in the UWGB community.
  • Provide mechanisms for reporting incidents or concerns.
  • Disseminating, interpreting and enforcing campus policies.
  • Advise students of their rights and responsibilities in the conduct system.
  • Investigate and adjudicate alleged incidents of student misconduct.
  • Create educational opportunities and sanctions to assist student in their future decision making.
  • Assess and respond to threats made against individuals, groups or the campus community as a whole.
  • Recruit, train and supervise members of the student conduct process, which includes the Peer Conduct Review Boards, Hearing Committees and related administrative staff.
  • Provide support for victims and other members of the community harmed or affected by incidents.
  • Refer students to campus or off campus resources as appropriate.

Learning Outcomes

Through participation in the conduct system students will:

  • Understand university policies and community standards.
  • Learn about and be referred to university resources.
  • Be able to articulate how behaviors impact others.
  • Be able to articulate connections between values and decision-making.
  • Comprehend university conduct protocols and associated due process rights.

Students found responsible

  • Students will be able to articulate how their behavior impacted others.
  • Students will be able to articulate their decision-making process.
  • Students will be able to articulate connections between their values and decision making.