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Steps to ECCP Enrollment

Take The First Step

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Submit the ECCP Form

Complete the Universities of Wisconsin ECCP form and submit to your school counselor by the semester deadline.

  • Fall semester form is due March 1
  • Spring semester form is due October 1
  • Summer semester form is due February 1

Submit on Time

Apply to UW-Green Bay

Using the Universities of Wisconsin portal, apply to UW-Green Bay. For ECCP, please follow these instructions (pdf).

Begin Your Journey

Get Advising Help

Work with an ECCP Coordinator at UW-Green Bay. They will work with you and your school counselor to make sure the courses you pick will fit with your high school schedule and serve your future goals.

Don't Go It Alone

Registering for Courses

Once registration opens, the ECCP Coordinator will register students for courses. Students are not able to register themselves because of how accounts are set up. Registration confirmation will be sent to students and their school counselors.

  • Fall semester registration opens July 1
  • Spring semester registration opens December 1
  • Summer semester registration opens February 1

Hundreds of Courses

Complete Your Orientation

Every ECCP student is required to attend an orientation that walks them through expectations and any course technology. The orientation may take place in-person or remotely via Zoom. You will be emailed orientation info after you are registered.

Check Your Email

Two Words: College Bound!

After orientation, students begin their college journey. Be aware that each college or university transfers ECCP credit their own way, so plan ahead with our helpful guide.

Get Credit

Need Help?

Two ECCP coordinators are available to assist you.

portrait of Tessa Tilot
Tessa Rufledt
Providing coordinator support for:
  • Green Bay Area Public Schools
    • East High School
    • John Dewey Academy of Learning
    • Preble High School
    • Southwest High School
    • West High School
    • Marinette High School
  • Manitowoc Public School District
    • Lincoln High School
    • McKinley Academy
  • Sheboygan Area School District
    • Central High School
    • Etude Academy
    • North High School
    • South High School
    • Warriner High School
portrait of Annika Kochaver
Annika Splan
Providing coordinator support for:
  • All other Wisconsin high schools