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Engineering Facilities

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We are "Innovation HQ" for The New North.

Being the home of the Richard J. Resch School of Engineering is just the start of the Brown County STEM Innovation Center's impressive list of tenants. Local government agencies, educational resources, maker spaces, classrooms, labs and more all thrive in this 63,730 square foot collaborative space.

STEM Building

What's New in 2022!

Labs and programs designed to deliver transformative, high-impact experiences a part of a $5.7 million renovation project dedicated to innovation and engineering.

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Electrical Engineering Lab

A dedicated space for conducting fundamental experiments in electrical engineering.

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Electronics Circuits Lab

A dedicated space for conducting experiments in both analog and digital electronics.

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Electrical Machines Lab

Dedicated to the development and execution of senior capstone projects.

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Automation Labs

Equipped with an extensive array of application tools and systems.

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Senior Design Lab

A dedicated space for the execution of senior capstone projects.

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Engineering Support Classrooms

Engineers can't thrive on science alone. We're also dedicated to teaching career readiness competencies.

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We invite you to compare our facilities, faculty, value and opportunities with any other school in the region.

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Success starts with a solid plan. Here's your step-by-step pathway to your electrical engineering degree.

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