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Electrical Engineering Internships

Take a Test Flight

Internships are a great way to try out a career.

If electrifying, high-paying careers in electrical engineering have your attention, now is your chance to test-drive the career of your dreams with an internship. The best part about attending UW-Green Bay is our community partnerships and low competition internships.

Start now. Become a Phoenix.

Paper Company Intern

Internships are the new job interview

Many regional employers seek electrical engineers and offer internships to UW-Green Bay students. In a recent study by, nearly 60% of internships turned into entry-level hires.

John D. Boettcher

When Can You

“Collaboration between Jacobs and your engineering students can benefit us with new, creative thinking for our diverse, global workforce."

John D. Boettcher
Jacobs, Director Operations
Appleton, Green Bay and Pittsburgh 

Innovators Wanted

One Major—Many Careers

Electrical Engineers are in demand in multiple career paths:

  • Electrical Power utility companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Signal processing
  • Medical technology and devices
  • Computer technology
  • Green energy production
  • Aerospace and avionics
  • Optics and optoelectronics
  • Automotive Industry

Aspiring engineer, start here

It's time to electrify your future.

Try on Your Wings