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University of Wisconsin Green Bay

First Nations Studies

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First Nations Studies

First Nation Studies reflects the holistic worldview of the indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America). This program is committed to the study of American Indian culture, philosophy, history, language, and the social, economic and political status of indigenous people and their communities. At UW-Green Bay, the First Nation Studies program places emphasis on the American Indian oral tradition as preserved and shared by Tribal Elders. Students take part in oral traditional learning experiences within the University classroom as well as in tribal communities, learning from tribal people.


What Will I Learn?

First Nation Studies offers opportunities to study the history and cultures of North American Indians emphasizing the tribes of Wisconsin and the Great Lakes region. The program offers a minor through several cooperating UW-Green Bay departments. Studies include courses on the arts, music, literature, history, languages and religious traditions of Wisconsin tribes, plus a set of seminars dealing with special problems in local Indian communities. Internship experiences with tribal museums, tribal libraries, tribal government offices, American Indian Education and more. you will have experiences with Elders in a tribal setting, as well as learning experiences with a First Nations language.

First nation studies

Courses prepare students to live and work in increasingly diverse communities. Moreover, FNS minors are prepared to work cooperatively and effectively with tribal governments and businesses.  

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First nation studies resources

Learn about the many in person and online resources available from our UW-Green Bay students and community members. From speaking guides to information on regional tribes you'll find it all.

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First nations studies meeting

FNS Educational Center
The Center is an Act 31 resource dedicated to improving and supporting First Nations (American Indian) education and teacher education programs.

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First nations studies discussion

Oneida Language Project
First Nation Studies at UW-Green Bay have offered courses in the Oneida Language since the mid 1970's. They are taught in the Oneida Nation community a few miles west of Green Bay.

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