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Minor Requirements

These are the course and credit requirements for a First Nations Education Minor. View the First Nations Education Minor on the UW-Green Bay Catalog.


Supporting Courses9
FNS 211
Mentoring First Nations Youth 1
FNS 225
Introduction to First Nations Studies
Choose one course:

FNS 210
American Indians In Film
FNS 224
First Nations and The Sacred
FNS 295
Special Topics in First Nations Studies
Upper Level Courses15
FNS 391
First Nations Studies Capstone Seminar
Policy Requirement (choose one course):

FNS 392
First Nations Justice and Tribal Governments
or FNS 393
First Nations and Education Policy
Elective Courses (choose 9 credits): 2

FNS 301
Oneida Language I
FNS 302
Oneida Language II
FNS 303
Oneida Language III
FNS 304
Oneida Language IV
FNS 305
Oneida Language V
FNS 306
Oneida Language VI
FNS 360
Women and Gender in First Nations Communities
FNS 372
Indigenous Nations Oral and Storytelling Traditions
FNS 374
Wisconsin First Nations Ethnohistory
FNS 385
First Nations Intellectual Traditions
FNS 395
Special Topics in First Nations Studies
FNS 393
First Nations and Education Policy
FNS 399
First Nations Studies Oral Tradition Concentration
FNS 495
Teaching Assistantship
FNS 497
FNS 498
Independent Study 3
Total Credits24