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For many people wishing to pursue higher education, the financial resources may not be available to help them make these dreams a reality.

Most donors make annual gifts to the Fund for Excellence, UW-Green Bay Scholarship Fund or Athletics' Phoenix Fund. Giving to these funds provides flexible resources that can be directed to UW-Green Bay’s greatest needs, including scholarship support. More substantial gifts can be used also to create a named scholarship fund.

Hundreds of UW-Green Bay students benefit from donor funded scholarship support annually. With 84 percent of our first-year students receiving financial aid, your help in establishing need-based or merit-based scholarship funds will make an enduring impact.

How to Establish a Named Annual or Endowed Scholarship Fund

1. Choose your focus

Students benefit the most from scholarship funds that have the most flexibility for awarding. Consider the following criteria:

  • Need-based or merit-based (need-based recommended)
  • Renewable, or one-time gift (renewable recommended)

    Contact us to discuss our guidelines for establishing criteria.

2. Name the fund

Your scholarship fund may reflect your name, the name of a loved one, or you can choose to remain anonymous and select a name that reflects your business or field of expertise. Receiving a scholarship is cause for celebration for students. We suggest using positive words and avoiding words like "memorial."

3. Contribute to the fund

The size of the gift you wish to make will help determine the amount that a student will be awarded each year.

Establish your annual scholarship fund with a gift of $10,000 or more.

Make your gift in installments of $2,500 annually over four years.

  • An annual scholarship will be paid out completely over set period of time and then closed unless additional funding is received. Annual scholarship funds are not invested with the endowment pool.
Establish your endowed scholarship fund with a gift of $50,000 or more. 
  • Make your gift in installments of $10,000 annually over five years.
  • Endowed funds are carefully invested under the direction of the UW-Green Bay Foundation's Investment Committee with the intent to carry out the donor's intentions in perpetuity -- this means forever!
  • Because of this, the amount awarded will grow over time. We expect a $50,000 endowed scholarship fund to award $2,500 annually, and grow larger from there. If forward funded with an additional $1,000 gift, the fund can make awards immediately.

Download the Scholarships information sheet