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Support Students through Scholarships

Scholarships Help Students Dream Big at UW-Green Bay: Scholarships support UW-Green Bay’s mission of providing access to education for all who want it. Thank you to all who have made it possible to continue a great tradition of excellence in education at UW-Green Bay. We Are Stronger, with generous supporters and proud alumni supporting UW-Green

Scholarships make higher education accessible.

Private funding from community members, businesses, retirees, and alumni is essential to help UW-Green Bay students achieve their dreams.  

For many talented and gifted people wishing to pursue higher education, the financial resources may not be available to help them make these dreams a reality.

Hundreds of UW-Green Bay students benefit from donor funded scholarship support annually. With 84% of our first-year students receiving financial aid, your help in establishing need-based or merit-based scholarship funds will make an enduring impact.

Types of Scholarships

Set up a scholarship fund with your gift now or in the future through your estate planning. Scholarship funds can reflect your name, names of cherished loved ones, or a specific purpose. Contributions at any level are encourage to the UW-Green Bay Scholarship Fund or an existing named scholarship fund.

Scholarship Success Stories

Naima Musse, Nursing | Psychology
"If I wouldn't receive scholarship, I wouldn't be where I am right now." Click here for video.
Charlotte Berg, Communications

"When I found out I got a scholarship, I was grateful for the financial help to pursue my college dreams and my future career goals."  Click here for video.

Justin Stephany, Accounting

"I'm so grateful for receiving a scholarship that I only have two words, thank you." Click here for video

Stephanie Plotzeck, Finance
"Scholarships make it huge because then I can work less and focus more on my kids and my studies without worrying about their basic needs being met, financially."  Click here for video.
PaYeng Yang
PaYeng Yang, ’20

“My dad is my big motivator. He didn’t get his college degree until I was a junior in high school ..."
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Patrick Brodhagen
Patrick Brodhagen, ’21

With Mom and Dad as UW-Green Bay alumni sharing the same degree, Patrick Brodhagen feels that his path forward...
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Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed

It’s impossible to not feel the passion in Mohamed Mohamed as he talks about his dream of providing education to .... 
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Matthew Knoke
Matthew Knoke, ’21

In a world of mass communications dominated by social media, where the truth is easily twisted, student Matthew Knoke has ... 
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Ben Gilles
Ben Gilles, ‘21

“When I was young, I was so focused on golf that I was thinking about being a professional golfer,” says Ben Gilles, a human biology major."
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Annie Skorupa
Annie Skorupa, ’23

With two siblings in college at the same time as her, Annie Skorupa has had many family discussions about money....
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Apply for a Scholarship

New or continuing UW-Green Bay students seeking to apply for available scholarship awards can find application forms and information on the Financial Aid office's Scholarships page.

Contact the UW-Green Bay Office of Financial Aid for more information.

Phone: (920) 465-2075

Scholarship application homepage on a laptop

Visit the financial aid scholarships site to apply for these scholarships and more.