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What can you do with this minor

Really anything you want! The possibilities are endless! The three main fields that students have combined French with are Education, Business, and Public Relations. The best thing to do is to first assess your own interests, skills and all relates to what exactly do you want to do? Students can also use the French degree to go into Graduate School and Law School.

The following list represents a few of the kinds of career titles for French majors:

Bilingual Educator, Foreign Language Teacher, Interpreters, Literary Researchers/Translators, Multi-Lingual Port Receptionist, Researcher, Scientific Translator or Interpreter, Translators, Flight Attendants, Ticket Agents, Ground Hosts/Hostesses, Bilingual Secretaries, Exchange Program Coordinators, Foreign Correspondents, Freight Forwarders, Foreign Collections, C.I.A. Specialists, Immigration & Customs Inspectors, Intelligence, Foreign Service Officers, FBI Special Agents, International Research Teams, Librarian, Missionaries, Peace Corps Volunteers, Textbook Publishers, Tour Guides, Travel Agents, Tutors

The following list represents a few of the kinds of businesses and institutions that employ French majors:

  • Business - Import/Export, Advertising, Banking & Finance, Engineering, Research, Translation
  • Government - Foreign Service, Translation, Aid Agencies, Overseas Dependents' Schools, Radio, U.S. Armed Forces
  • Education - Elementary & Secondary Schools, Colleges & Universities, Commercial & Government-Operated Schools, Overseas Dependents' Schools, Peace Corps Locations
  • Media - Journalism, Radio & Television, Film, Publishing
  • Travel - Transportation, Hotels & Motels, Excursions & Tours
  • Services - Health Professions, Social Work, Library Science, Service Organizations, Law & Law Enforcement, Volunteer Agencies

Want to know more about the nature of the work, working conditions, earnings, training, and job outlook? Then check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook.