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Odonate Surveys

In 2016, UW-Green Bay graduate student, Willson Gaul, conducted Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) surveys within the Lower Green Bay and Fox River Area of Concern (LGBFR AOC). From May through October 2016, Gaul repeatedly visited 8 study sites (East River Park, Ashwaubomay River Park, Longtail Point, Dead Horse Bay, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Cofrin Memorial Arboretum, Cat Island Wave Barrier, Sensiba State Wildlife Area*, and Point au Sable Nature Center) and walked paired transects identifying each species found. All observations were submitted to the Wisconsin Odonata Survey. Difficult identifications were confirmed by sending photographs to Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Odonata expert Bob DuBois. A total of 38 species were recorded within the AOC. Observations for which species identification was uncertain were excluded. For the full report and list of species identified, click here.

*Observations from Sensiba are not inside the LGBFR AOC but were surveyed to provide observations from a high quality reference wetland; two species (beaverpond baskettail and belted whiteface) are on this list but were observed only at Sensiba and therefore should be excluded from any reported LGBFR AOC species list.

If you plan to use these data or Gaul’s report, please contact Erin Giese (, Robert Howe (, and Amy Wolf ( to track data usage, properly cite Gaul’s work, and ask questions if needed.