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Guardianship Training

In Their Best Interests

Understand the full scope of your responsibilities as a guardian.

UW-Green Bay is the exclusive partner of Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) in providing the required Wisconsin Act 97 online training for guardians to ensure they understand their duties and responsibilities, the rights of their wards and the best practices for managing the relationship. The training is offered at no charge.

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Taking action to ensure individuals are appointed thoughtfully and safely as guardians who are committed to understanding the full scope of their responsibilities to champion the interests and needs of their wards.

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Training is free, 100% online and self-paced.

This no cost training contains a variety of modules covering the duties and responsibilities of guardianship under the law. Topics include the limits guardianship decision-making authority, the rights of wards, best practices and how to involve your ward's wishes and desires in decision-making and future planning. Completing the training takes approximately two hours.

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If you don't have access to a computer, search public computers with internet access by county.

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Guardianship Questions

For questions regarding the guardianship process that are outside of the online Canvas training, contact the Guardianship Support Center Helpline at (855) 409-9410 or or consult the DHS website.

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For questions specific to the online guardian training, please contact the Wisconsin Training Registries at (920) 465-2691 or

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