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Guardianship Training Registry Search

Find Your Completion certification

Find your training certificate on the registry.

As of January 1, 2023, Guardians are required to take the Act 97 state-approved Guardian Training. The training is an online asynchronous course that includes topics such as the limits to guardianship decision-making authority, the rights of wards, and best practices regarding your ward's wishes in decision-making. Upon completion of all the core competencies, it is imperative to submit the survey as it is used to notify the Wisconsin Training Registries of course completion.

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Search The Guardianship Training Registry

To search the registry, please enter the first three letters of the first and last name of the individual for whom you are searching; all other fields are optional. Select the correct person by clicking the individuals name. The training verification will show in a separate window. To print a paper copy or pdf of the Guardian Training certificate, click on the print button.