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Graduate School Information

The American Historical Association

The American Historical Association maintains a listing of Ph.D. programs in history, organized by both subject (i.e., modern Europe) and by state. Although the database does not track M.A. programs, it is still a good starting place to find relevant graduate programs. History majors considering the pursuit of a Ph.D. should inform themselves about the many personal and financial challenges associated with graduate school. Talking to history faculty early and often is essential. Again, the AHA provides excellent resources for learning about graduate school and the academic job market. See, for example, the following articles from the AHA's Perspectives on History:

Law School

History is a popular major for students planning to attend law school. There is no formal pre-law program at UW-Green Bay, but students interested in attending law school can learn more about pre-law planning at the UW-Green Bay pre-law webpage. The pre-law advisor is Prof. Timothy Dale.

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