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Learn beyond the classroom.

Engage with the content you learn in class, “try out” careers, boost your résumé and expand your network by getting an internship. While building on the skills you learn in class, you’ll also focus on how to conduct research, use archival materials, compile information, write articles, work on community projects and interpret history for the public.

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Students working with artifacts from the Brown County Area Archives
Greg Lutz

Meet a Phoenix

"During my time at UW-Green Bay, I was able to explore a number of really great projects and opportunities that took my learning beyond the classroom. During my junior year, I worked as an intern for a semester in UW-Green Bay’s Archives and Area Research Center in Cofrin Library, which gave me my first real experience applying my historical research and responding to requests from the public... Following my History seminar course, my group developed a podcast which traced the roots of the modern Black Lives Matter Movement. This project eventually extended beyond the classroom requirements and resulted in a presentation at the UW Student Research Symposium, as well as an article published in Voyageur Magazine co-authored by Jon Shelton and Joey Taylor."

Greg Lutz '17
Visitor Engagement and Retail Coordinator at Wisconsin Maritime Museum

Heidi Sherman


If you're struggling to find an internship or want to explore your options, contact Professor Kimberley Reilly.

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