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Honors in the Major

Students who wish to pursue Honors in the Major engage in a significant historical project that usually involves primary as well as secondary sources. Carried out under the supervision of a History Department professor, and often aided by a review board of appropriate people, the project entails the production of an essay (of no fewer than 6000 words) or a work such as a public history exhibit or a history web site that represents a useful contribution to the historical profession.

Typically, a student will commence such work as an Independent Study, which lays the groundwork for future research, and then proceed to the Honors in the Major project. Planning for the Honors in the Major usually begins in the junior year, with projects carried out in the senior year. University eligibility requirements for Honors in the Major are: minimum GPA of 3.50 for all courses required in the major; minimum GPA of 3.75 for all upper-division courses required for the major.