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We encourage many of our history majors to obtain on the job training outside the academy by interning in museums, historical sites, archives and repositories dealing with history where, under the supervision of professionals, the intern will become acquainted with the "hands on" world of history.

The experience gained serves, more often than not, to reenforce the initial decision to major in history; to open opportunities beyond textbooks, examinations, term papers and the classrooms; to add a distinctive accomplishment to the intern's resume; and, to provide an understanding of career patterns, job opportunities and human networking.

The following institutions and agencies in Northeast Wisconsin have provided internship opportunities for 2-6 credits (448-497):

The history adviser regularly sends out announcements regarding internship opportunities. For more information, see the history adviser. Most internships in history are advised by the Humanistic Studies internships adviser, Professor Jennifer Ham. You may contact her directly at in order to arrange an internship for course credit.

To declare a History major or minor, please see the advising page.