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Practice, Polish & Perform

We’ve got what you need to develop your talents.

Whatever your path, UW-Green Bay has the resources you’ll need to maximize your potential. From a performing arts center to recording studios and rehearsal rooms, we want to see your talents rise to the top.

Close up of students hands playing on keyboard
Performance at the Weidner Center
The Weidner

With a magnificent performance hall, three smaller performance spaces including Fort Howard Hall and Jean Weidner Theatre and state-of-the-art equipment, the Weidner is one of the finest performing arts centers in the country, right here on campus. It also houses the Wood Family Organ, a 3,702-pipe organ donated to the University by Fred and Patricia Bay.

Student poses in music lab
Studio Arts

In addition to classrooms and faculty offices, Studio Arts houses a variety of rehearsal rooms. There is a new state-of-the-art recording studio, an electronic piano/computer lab with video projection equipment, dedicated piano practice facilities with grand pianos, two percussion studio/rehearsal rooms, choral and instrumental music libraries. Individual student lockers give you space to store your instruments.

Student plays the keyboard
Piano Computer Labs

This dedicated electronic piano and computer lab is equipped with a Yamaha Clavinovas and a wide array of sophisticated software for composition, advanced sequencing, sound manipulation, ear training and theory skill enhancement.

Choir students performing in Theatre Hall
Theatre Hall

Showcase your talent and share your passion for music in our Theatre Hall, a 500-seat University Theatre used for recitals, concerts and productions.

Kameron Jennings, Major in Music

Meet a

"Since UW-Green Bay is connected to the Weidner, a lot of the times the traveling musicians will give us master classes and teach us about their art and their performances. Being able to perform in the Weidner is such a cool experience. It's a great space, and it can really help change some people's perspective on their music."

Kameron Jennings
Music Major

Randall Meder

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