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Wind Ensemble

(MUS ENS-241/441)
The Wind Ensemble is made up of the finest wind and percussion students at UW-Green Bay. This premiere ensemble has performed at prestigious state and regional music conferences, and is open by audition to talented students of all majors. Students enrolled in Wind Ensemble receive Fine Arts credit.

Audition information: Auditions are mandatory for all wind and percussion music majors and minors. Non-music majors are also encouraged to audition. Wind Ensemble membership is by audition only; however auditions are optional for non-majors who wish to play in Symphonic Band and Pep Band.

For the audition, prepare a solo or etude, [5 minutes in length] with contrasting styles, along with 2 major scales. There will also be sight-reading. For more information please contact Professor Kevin Collins at

Symphonic Band

(MUS ENS-241/441)
The Symphonic Band is open to all university students with high school instrumental ensemble experience. This ensemble performs two concerts per semester. Students enrolled in Symphonic Band receive Fine Arts credit. For more information, please contact Kevin Collins at

Brass Ensemble

(MUS ENS-145/345)
Brass Ensemble is open to students of all majors who have proficiency on a brass instrument. The instrumentation varies and the ensembles perform music that ranges from brass choirs and large fanfares to chamber music such as quintets, duets, and trios. Multiple faculty members provide instruction for these ensembles, and students enrolled in Brass Ensemble receive Fine Arts credit. For more information, please contact Dr. Adam Gaines at

Percussion Ensemble

(MUS ENS-146/346)
Percussion Ensemble performs concerts on the UW Green Bay campus. Its repertory focuses on music by American and European composers with an emphasis on recently composed music and the most significant literature written for this genre. The ensemble provides a chamber music experience from duets and trios to octets and nonets for students interested in modern percussion music. University-owned equipment is provided. Students enrolled in Contemporary Percussion Ensemble receive Fine Arts credit and must be able to read music; proficiency playing standard percussion instruments is required. For more information, please contact Dr. William Sallak at

Flute Ensemble

(MUS ENS-144/344)
Flute Ensemble provides students with a chamber music experience. The Ensemble explores repertory from several historical periods and includes duets, trios, quartets, quintets, and larger ensemble works. The ensemble is open to all University students by audition and students enrolled in Flute Ensemble receive Fine Arts credit. Students must be able to read music and have some proficiency on the flute. For more information, please contact Nancy Collins at

Hand Drumming Ensemble

(MUS ENS-188/388)
The Hand Drumming Ensemble was founded and is directed by Professor Bill Sallak. Instruments are provided by the University and include Afro-Cuban drums, Ewe (African) drums, log drums, surdo, timbales, bongos, marimbas, and many accessory percussion instruments. The Ensemble performs some traditional music and compositions by Dr. Grosso, some of which borrow rhythms from West African, Afro-Cuban, and Brazilian musical traditions. The Ensemble performs on the University campus in both formal and informal settings, for private functions, at regional schools, and at arts festivals throughout Wisconsin. Students from any program are invited to enroll in this ensemble for which they receive Fine Arts credit; no prior musical experience is required. For more information, please contact Dr. William Sallak at

New Music Ensemble

(MUS ENS-150/350)
The New Music Ensemble is a chamber ensemble for instrumentalists and vocalists. It is open to all university students by audition and for which students receive Fine Arts credit. The ensemble performs music composed since 1945. A diverse array of styles are explored and performed each semester, which include avant garde, graphic, serial, neoclassic, minimalist, and experimental. Ensemble members oftentimes have the opportunity to contribute to the interpretation of the works performed and to compose for the ensemble. Students enrolled in New Music Ensemble receive Fine Arts credit. For more information, please contact Dr. William Sallak at

Woodwind Ensemble

(MUS ENS-144/344)
The Woodwind Ensembles provide students with an excellent opportunity to work in a chamber ensemble setting. These ensembles perform a variety of literature from the Baroque to the present. Several faculty members provide instruction for the various ensembles that include saxophone quartet, woodwind quintet, clarinet trios/quartets, choirs of instruments, and mixed ensembles. Woodwind ensembles are open to all students by audition; students enrolled in this ensemble receive Fine Arts credit. For more information, please contact Professor Eric Hansen at

Phoenix Pep Band

The Phoenix Pep Band performs on and off campus at games for the Men's and Women's Basketball team during the year. Please visit the official Phoenix Pep Band website or contact Adam LeGrave at for more information.