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Course Descriptions

The links on this page take you to the Course Description section of the Undergraduate Catalog. Courses offered by the Music Discipline have three prefixes, MUSIC, MUS APP and MUS ENS. Music Education methods courses can be found at the Education link below.


Courses that begin with the MUSIC prefix are, for the most part, in a lecture format. These include theory, history, literature, and pedagogical courses. It also includes some skills courses with applied elements, such as conducting.


Courses that begin with the MUS APP prefix are applied music courses. These courses include individual lessons, and some skills courses such as keyboard musicianship.


Courses that begin with the MUS ENS prefix are music ensemble courses. These courses include all large and small ensembles at UW-Green Bay.


Music education methods courses are included in the Education section of the Catalog. This section includes the Education courses required for students interested in seeking teacher certification in music.

Two commonly required courses are EDUC 317 and EDUC 334:

  • EDUC 317: Teaching Music in the Middle and Secondary Schools
  • EDUC 334: Teaching General Music in the Elementary and Middle Schools

See the Undergraduate Catalog for complete requirements.