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In uncertain times and world-changing events, this is certain—the demand and respect for nurses and healthcare professionals will only continue to grow. This is not a path for the faint of heart. Bring us your passion, and we’ll train your brain. To those ready to take on the challenge—we say welcome! The many professional paths available in nursing and health studies can lead to wonderfully rewarding careers. If you're ready to rise to the challenge, we're ready to teach you.

Our Mission & Vision


Baccalaureate and graduate programs provide high quality, student-centered nursing and health profession education that builds on prior experiences, knowledge and skills. Students are inspired to think critically and address complex health issues in a diverse and evolving world, conscious of environmental sustainability. These programs transform communities by improving health and healthcare delivery.


"Together we will inspire students and transform communities"

Nursing Programs

Photo looking up at nursing student from hospital bed Josie Klarkowski

Traditional BSN

The Traditional BSN program prepares entry-level nurses to work in hospitals, long-term care, and community settings. A concept-based approach is used to foster development of clinical reasoning by assisting students to sort, analyze, and find connections in health information.

Traditional BSN
Small nursing class discussion


The RN-BSN program, offered both on campus and online, is designed for associate degree registered nurses looking to advance their career. This high quality program is designed to be nurse friendly, flexible, and meet the needs of adult learners and working registered nurses.

Nursing student adjusting monitor knob.

BSN Nurse 1-2-1

Nurse 1-2-1 allows high school graduates to earn a four-year bachelor of science in Nursing (BSN). In Year 1, take courses at UW-Green Bay; Years 2 and 3 at NWTC to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN); and UW-Green Bay for Year 4 to complete the BSN degree.

Nurse 1-2-1
Brianna, an MSN grad at Aurora, talks with a nursing student in a hospital room.

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)

MSN Leadership and Management is for RNs holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing. This master’s degree provides advanced coursework in leadership and management to improve care at multiple levels across all health care settings.
MSN Program

Nursing at a Glance

$73,300/year median RN salary
Outstanding Investment
$73,300 annual median RN salary
2019, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
3,059,800 Number of RN jobs nationally in 2018
Job Availability
More than 3 Million Registered Nurse jobs nationally in 2018
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 
12% RN job growth rate projection between 2018-2028
Growing Field
12% RN job growth rate projected 2018-2028 (5% average for all occupations)
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 
BSN Hiring Preference
In-Demand Degree
Major healthcare employers give hiring preference to BSN-prepared nurses.

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