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Community Access & Navigation Training Noncredit Certificate

BE A Beacon
In Your community

Connect individuals with vital county resources.

Now offering a pilot program to educate health and human service professionals, agencies and other engaged individuals in Sheboygan County on how to overcome any barrier that might impede access to needed services. The goal of the program is to build a bridge to help, connecting individuals with vital county resources that ensure they thrive.


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Our Training at a Glance

Find out more about the Sheboygan County Community Access & Navigation Training.


Coursework: Sept. 1-Nov. 7
In-person: Nov 8*

*Seating is limited, 2 per agency


Scheduled Online Sessions (Canvas) & a Required In-Person Session




If you work at a nonprofit, there are two ways to save. Receive a discount with promo code NP15 when registering. Apply for a scholarship with Sheboygan County United Way and get your registration reimbursed.

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Dynamic Training

This dynamic training will integrate online and in-person sessions with online coursework available September 1 through November 8 and the required in-person training on Friday, November 8. The program will include a mix of presentations, discussion boards, videos, quizzes, assessments and more. All learners will come together during the in-person session to discuss how to better collaborate and how their role can improve to support residents and the public health of Sheboygan County. Seating is limited or the in-person gathering. Please limit attendance to two individuals per agency.

Crucial Conversations

Providing engaged individuals with the essential skills needed to navigate challenging discussions effectively. Designed to empower learners to tackle high-stakes conversations with confidence and poise. Participants will acquire the tools necessary to foster open dialogue, to resolve conflicts and to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. This session will enable participants to tackle crucial conversations with tact, achieving positive results in professional and personal situations.

Instructor: Joan Groessl

Trauma-Informed Care

Designed to empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding of trauma and its far-reaching impact. This session will explore the principles and practices of trauma-informed care, training participants with the knowledge and skills needed to create safe, supportive environments for individuals who have experienced trauma. Learners will explore the neurological and psychological aspects of trauma. They will also learn to recognize trauma symptoms and discover best practices for responsive care.

Instructor: Joan Groessl

Equitable & Inclusive Services

Learn how to provide equitable and inclusive services to all clients by exploring the complexities of working with individuals from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds. Gain insights into cultural competency, biases and best practices for fostering trust and collaboration.

Instructor: Sheng Lee Yang

Customer Service & Wrap-Around Care

Improve skills and enhance the support and services offered to clients. Health and human service professionals will gain knowledge and competency in assessing client needs, making appropriate referrals and coordinating comprehensive care.

Instructor: Justine Terzinski

Social Determinants of Health

Explore economic stability, education, safety and community context—all crucial factors influencing overall life satisfaction. Health and human service professionals will learn strategic skills to identify and address safety concerns within communities. They will collaborate on community-driven initiatives and make targeted referrals that address the specific social determinants affecting clients. This session will go beyond theory to provide practical tools to measure and enhance life satisfaction while fostering and encouraging collaboration.

Instructor: Sheng Lee Yang

Community Gathering
November 8, 2024, 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
In-Person, UW-Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus

Discuss how the online content can be put into practice in daily life and what impact it will make on the workplace, clients and community. Participants will be given time to network and connect with other local resource providers in the area. Attending the live session is required to complete the training.

Instructors: Julie Preder & Kristin Stearns

Starrlene Grossman, Sheboygan County Health & Human Services


"This effort will ensure that our local systems of support have the tools they need to connect community members with the help and services they need, when they need them. This program is a direct result of community leaders acknowledging a gap in services and coming together to solve the problem through collective impact. "

Starrlene Grossman '13
Health Officer-Public Health Division Manager
Sheboygan County Health & Human Services

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Earn a Digital Badge

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an exclusive UW-Green Bay credential, a digital badge validating your accomplishment and signaling to employers your mastery of the curriculum. The digital badge can be featured on LinkedIn, your resume, email signature and website. 

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Continuing Education Credit

Continuing education hours can be made available for this training opportunity for social workers, therapists and counselors. Email Melissa Betke, Program Specialist for more info.

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County-Wide Collaboration

Funded by Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS)

The foundational mission principles of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) embody the belief that every life is a sacred gift and every human being is a unity of body, mind and spirit.

HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital
Initiated by Healthy Sheboygan (HSC)

A community-based initiative seeking to make positive changes in the health status of Sheboygan County that includes public health, local health care agencies, schools, businesses and community representatives working together.

Healthy Sheboygan County
Endorsed by Sheboygan County Public Health Department

Partnering with the residents of Sheboygan County to improve health and quality of life through education, community connections and empowering all to be their best selves.

Public Health Sheboygan County Division of Public Health
Sponsorships Provided by United Way Sheboygan County

United Way improves lives and community conditions in measurable, lasting ways.

United Way of Sheboygan County


Kate Baer
Kate Baer
Kate is currently serving as the Executive Director of United Way Sheboygan. She is an experienced professional who has held various leadership roles in the mental health and nonprofit sector.

She has also worked as an adjust professor at Lakeland University and as a mental health and wellness consultant at Rogers Behavioral Health.With a background in community counseling and nonprofit management, Kate's passion lies in promoting good mental health through education and support services.

instructor Joan Groessl
Joan Groessl
Joan Groessl, MSW, Ph.D., LCSW earned a master's degree and Ph.D. in social work. Her research interests center around social work ethics and ethical decision-making.

Joan has extensive experience training in ethics and boundaries for a range of providers. Joan spent twenty years in the County Mental Health Services as both direct and administrative staff prior to Chair of Social Work Professional Programs at UW-Green Bay. Joan has been an active member of NASW-Wisconsin and is Chair of the Continuing Education Committee.

instructor Julie Preder
Julie Preder
Julie is currently the Executive Director at Mental Health America Lakeshore, and she regards her career as a gift to serve others.

She advocates for addressing social determinants of health that obstruct access to care and is committed to implementing strategies that minimize stigma and promote social inclusion. Her daily efforts are focused on promoting mental wellness and reducing stigma through normalizing conversations. Julie's experience in the non-profit sector is extensive, and she has worked with individuals across various age groups.

instructor Kristin Stearns
Kristin Stearns
Kristin is currently the CEO of Lakeshore Community Health Care. Stearns has been a nonprofit leader in our community for decades, previously leading SCIO.

She volunteers through Rotary, United Way of Sheboygan County, and many others, and serves on the Board of Directors for Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce. 

instructor Justine Terzkinski
Justine Terzinski
Justine Terzinski is a licensed clinical social worker who has experience in both case management and clinical mental health therapy.

She also has a strong professional background in substance use treatment as well as working closely with community resources and grant funded opportunities. She began her journey with UW-Green Bay as an Assistant Teaching Professor during the summer of 2022 and will be continuing as a full-time instructor for Fall 2022.

instructor Sheng Lee Yang
Sheng Lee Yang
Sheng Lee Yang is a practicing Licensed Clinical Social Worker, President and Executive Director for Us 2 Behavioral Health Care.

Her professional experiences include direct care and leadership positions in public, private, government and nonprofit institutions. Her personal and professional experiences helped cultivate a vision to integrate social justice and cultural humility into mental health. She teaches graduate level courses in clinical mental health and diversity and inclusion.

Expanding to Better Serve You

The Community Access and Navigation Training will be expanding to include more dates and additional communities or counties. To stay updated on these changes, please sign up for communications.

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program specialist Melissa Betke

Need Guidance?

If you have any questions about the navigator training, please contact Melissa Betke, Program Specialist. 

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