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School Social Work Certificate

The UW-Green Bay School Social Work Certificate prepares social workers to apply for licensure with the state of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and obtain employment in a K-12 Wisconsin school. The certificate is available for practitioners who hold an MSW degree and are seeking school social work licensure and current MSW students emphasizing in school social work as part of their graduate degree.

Required Courses

Courses required for the certificate are as follows:

Courses and Activities
(in recommended order)
Term Offered (Modality)Post-MSW
Current MSW Credits
SOC WORK 767: Assessing MHSU (may transfer in)Summer or Fall (On-line)33*
EDUC 695: The Exceptional Individual (may transfer in)Fall (On-line)22
SOC WORK 761: Overview of DPI StandardsJanuary (On-line)22*
SOC WORK 751: Social Work Practice in SchoolsSpring (Virtual, in evening)22*
SOC WORK 762: Field PracticumSpring (In-person)3N/A
SOC WORK 719: Field IVSpring (In-person)N/A4*
Act 31 workshop or course (may transfer in)As Able (varied)NCNC

*indicates credits required for MSW degree as well as school social work certification
Cost of Graduate courses can be found here.

Application Process for Post-MSW Students

Applications for the school social work certificate are open for the 2022-23 academic year. Please contact Cora Heindel,, to learn more about the next admission cycle. 

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements to be considered for the post-MSW School Social Work Program include:

  • MSW degree from an accredited social work program by start of the program
  • One year of professional experience working with children/youth
  • Current Wisconsin credential (CSW, APSW, or LCSW)

To best meet the needs of Wisconsin school districts, preference is given to applicants who have a letter of intent to hire or proof of hire from a school district.

Application Materials

The following application materials are required for consideration of admission in 2022-23. Please contact Cora Heindel,, prior to submitting any application materials. 

  • Special Student E-Application for non-degree seeking students
  • Transcripts from all Universities where graduate level courses were taken
  • 2 letters of professional reference OR Proof of Hire/Intent to Hire from a school district
  • Current resume

Application Process for Current MSW Students

Current MSW students do not need to apply separately for the school social work program. They declare the emphasis by completing the UW-Green Bay Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificate e-form.

School Social Work Emphasis  

UW-Green Bay Announces DPI Partnership and Scholarships

More MSWs Are Needed In Wisconsin's Schools

The Department of Public Instruction has partnered with UW-Green Bay to increase the number of licensed School Social Workers in Wisconsin K-12 schools. Current MSW practitioners interested in changing their focus to school social work should check out the School Social Work Certificate. See course requirements.

Why Certification?

UW-Green Bay has combined all required school social work courses into the certificate. A certificate provides formal verification of your intentional training toward school social work.

Scholarships May Be Available

If you have your MSW degree, have worked for a time and are interested in shifting your career focus to school social work, UW-Green Bay may have a scholarship for you. Let's talk. Please contact Cora Heindel,, to schedule a meeting and learn more about the certificate and our application process. It's a conversation that may not only make a difference in your life, but in the lives of so many students as well.