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Learning Outcomes

Students must demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following areas:
  1. Foundational Knowledge: students should be able to apply foundational sciences to food and nutrition knowledge to meet the needs of individuals, groups, and organizations.
    1. Students should be able to apply an understanding of foundational knowledge (knowledge in environmental, and molecular factors, food, statistics, anatomy, physiology,​ pathophysiology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, social and psychological factors) in the development and management of disease for individuals, groups and populations, and in food product development.
  2. Client/Patient Services: students should be able to apply and integrate client/patient centered​ principles and competent nutrition and dietetics practice to ensure positive outcomes.
    1. Students should be able to evaluate, develop and implement nutritional screening tools  and programs, utilize the nutrition care process and prescribe nutrition‐related​ pharmacotherapy.
  3. Food Systems Management: students should be able to apply food systems principles and management skills to ensure safe and efficient delivery of food and water. 
    1.  Students should be able to direct the production and distribution of quantity and quality food products, oversee purchasing through storage of food products, apply principles of food safety and sanitation, and demonstrate an understanding of agricultural practices.
  4.  Community and Population Health Nutrition: students should be able to apply community and population nutrition health theories when providing support to community or population nutrition programs.  
  5.  Leadership, Business, Management and Organization: students should be able to demonstrate leadership, business and management principles to guide practice and achieve operational goals.
  6. Critical Thinking, Research and Evidence‐Informed Practice: students should be able to integrate evidence‐informed practice, research principles and critical thinking into practice.
  7. Core Professional Behaviors: students should be able to demonstrate professional and effective communication in all nutrition and dietetics interactions