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Master of Science Only

A Balanced Career

Earn your master’s to enrich your professional life.

Already have a bachelor's degree, or RDN, and ready to elevate your nutritional credentials? No matter your professional background, a master’s in Nutrition and Integrated Health gives your career the fuel it needs to thrive.


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Full-Course Education

Our program is designed to serve you.

Courses are experiential and context-based, recognizing that health is more than what you eat. You’ll explore how genetics and nutrition interact, learn the connections between food and mental health and develop skills to conduct and apply research to stay at the cutting edge of evidence-based nutrition practice.

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Graduation Requirements

  1. Apply to the Master of Science in Nutrition and Integrated Health program by completing all application requirements.
  2. Meet all admission requirements and be admitted to the Nutrition and Integrated Health graduate program.
  3. Successfully complete all the required didactic coursework.
  4. Develop a capstone project or thesis which is defined in consultation with program faculty and advisor.
  5. File an application for graduation with the Registrar’s Office through the Student Information System (SIS). The application must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office in the fall semester for spring and summer semester graduates.
  6. Upon successful completion of the capstone project or thesis and all other required coursework requirements, the Master of Science degree is awarded and you will receive the diploma.
Debra Pearson

Want to Know More?

With a PhD in Nutritional Sciences, Professor Pearson is well-versed in our field. She can help you determine if a master of science only is right for you!

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