Phoenix Studios

Phoenix Studios is the podcast network for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. It is a collaboration between faculty, students, staff and community members interested in showcasing research, stories, news and interviews.  

All the Rage - A UWGB Podcast

All the Rage

All the Rage is a podcast from UW-Green Bay Professors Ryan Martin (Psychology) and Chuck Rybak (English/Humanistic Studies). From road rage to internet trolls, All the Rage covers all topics related to anger and violence.

Psychology & Stuff - A UWGB Podcast

Psychology & Stuff

Psychology and Stuff is the podcast for the UW-Green Bay Psychology program and includes interviews with faculty, students and alumni from the program on a wide range of topics (work, research, personal lives and other stuff).

UWGB Student Shows - A UWGB Podcast

UWGB Student Shows

These Phoenix Studios playlists are a collection of UW-Green Bay student generated shows created as digital scholarship across different academic programs. 

Serious Fun - A UWGB Podcast

Serious Fun

Take a journey into the frivolous with 'Serious Fun', a podcast by UWGB Communication and Information Science professor Bryan Carr. Hear from the scholars, professionals, and fans that interpret and create pop culture. Whether it's comic books, video games or reality TV, "Serious Fun" examines the media that shapes and reflects our lives.

Indented - A UWGB Podcast


'Indented,' from the UW-Green Bay English Department, explores literary favorites from "The Greats" and the narrative artistry of our own students, community members, faculty and staff. Current hosts Jordan Safranski and Emma Fay research, record, and mix the show. To be a part of the podcast email

Bird in the Wings - A UWGB Podcast

Bird in the Wings

Bird in the Wings covers hot topics in arts and culture and interviews with artists and the community that loves them. Hosted by Kelli Strickland, Executive and Artistic Director of the Weidner Center.

Canonball - A UWGB Podcast


The Canonball podcast out of Phoenix Studios covers that which is canonical, or the established great works of various genres. From books to paintings to video games to film, Chuck Rybak and Ryan Martin talk with experts on various great works from a variety of disciplines.

Phoenix Thriving - A UWGB Podcast

Phoenix Thriving

Hosted by Vince Lowery, UWGB Director of Student Success and Engagement, Phoenix Thriving features students, staff, and faculty talking about their own journeys toward thriving and the advice they have to offer to do the same.

Voyageur: The Podcast - A UWGB Podcast

Voyageur: The Podcast

Voyageur: The Podcast is hosted by Eric Morgan. It complements the biannual magazine published by the Brown County Historical Society in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Each issue highlights the historic people, places, and events from the region’s past.

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