Student Shows

These Phoenix Studios playlists are a collection of UW-Green Bay student generated shows as digital scholarship.


Humanities+ is a collaboration between Dr. Caroline Boswell, Professor of Humanities & European History and Rachel Scray, a student in History, Digital and Public Humanities and Arts Management. In this show, Rachel provides listeners with meaningful discussions with enthusiasts, scholars, and experts on the intricate fields of Digital and Public Humanities.


El Podcast Iluminamos920 ha sido creado por los estudiantes del Programa de Español de UWGB. El propósito de este proyecto digital es descubrir la comunidad de Green Bay a través de los miembros que la componen.

Let's Not Do That

Let's Not Do That is a student-led podcast about microaggressions on college campuses. Each episode focuses on a different type of microaggression that students of color or LGBTQ+ students encounter on campus. In addition, each features a different student guest co-host who talks about how that microaggression has impacted their life and what they would like professors and other faculty/staff to do to mitigate the harm from them.