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Let's Not Do That

Let's Not Do That is a student-led podcast about microaggressions on college campuses. Each episode focuses on a different type of microaggression that students of color or LGBTQ+ students encounter on campus. In addition, each features a different student guest co-host who talks about how that microaggression has impacted their life and what they would like professors and other faculty/staff to do to mitigate the harm from them.

Let's Not Do That hosts:

Tracy Fernandez Rysavy is a lecturer at UW-Green Bay (Marinette campus and online) in English literature, creative writing, and women's and gender studies. She is Honduran American and created the podcast as her project for her one-year EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) consultant fellowship through UWGB.

Nate Ireland is a student at UW-Green Bay majoring in digital arts. He helped create the podcast and serves as the tech guru in his role as a UWGB EDI intern.


Episode 0: Microaggressions Defined (Sneak Preview!)
What is a microaggression? How and why do they occur on college campuses? What are their repercussions? Co-hosts Nate Ireland and Tracy Fernandez Rysavy discuss these questions and more.

Episode 1: “Those Poor People” (Sneak Preview!)
What professors can do to help undocumented students, students with undocumented family members, and those with cultural and family ties to developing countries feel more at home on campus. Plus, advice for professors worried about teaching texts that focus on ethnic and cultural backgrounds they don’t share. Student guest-host: Shannon Hernandez Ribich.

Episode 2: “What are You?” (Coming Soon)

Why asking students of color “What are you?” or “Where are you really from?” can make them feel like they don’t belong on campus or in the community. Student guest-host: Ongnia Thao.

Episode 3: Zero Indifference to “Othering” Students (Coming Soon)

Things people do to exoticize BIPOC students and make them feel like an “other,” from touching Black hair, to commenting on how “exotic” someone looks, to stereotyping in the classroom. Plus, suggestions for professors on how to respond with compassion and firmness when someone says something problematic in class. Student guest-host: Indigo Ramirez.

Episode 4: What's the Deal with CRT? (Coming Soon)

"A conservative academic, a Critical Race theorist professor, and a student intern walk into a studio...." What's the big fuss about Critical Race Theory? Why are some people crying foul about its use in schools, claiming it is discriminatory, while others say it's an important tool for bringing in EDI (equity, diversity, inclusion) into college classrooms? Is it really about "being racist to White people"? Professor Rysavy begs to differ. Former lecturer and current UWGB student advisor Bethany Welch brings her measured conservatism to the podcast to talk out these issues and more around Critical Race Theory with Professor Rysavy, who uses CRT, and Nate, who has been in her classroom.