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All of the Political Science faculty serve as advisers and all are available to submit the forms to select Political Science as your major or minor. You can find the faculty list on the main Political Science page. The links for each will take you to a description of their backgrounds and fields of interest, their office addresses and phone numbers, and e-mail contact. Office hours are generally posted on each person’s door, and they are also available from the program staff in the MAC Hall A wing office suite.

You are free to choose any faculty member as your adviser. You may want to approach the person you prefer to have as your adviser or the one whose specialization is closest to your own interests and career goals.

For any advising that involves substitution for required courses, a waiver of requirements for the major, or questions about transfers of credit from another institution, you should see the chair of Political Science.

For pre-law advising, Elizabeth Wheat has agreed to serve as the adviser. She can be reached via email at or during office hours in MAC B327. She also has a pre-law advising Web site at:

Political Science Program Guide

We keep printed copies of the program guide in the MAC Hall office, but it is available here as well.

Political Science Major and Minor Requirements

We have made several changes in the major that will be listed in the new catalog. Until then, you can find the latest requirements at this link, which are provided in the form of a checklist.