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Bulletin Boards

  1. There are nine (9) bulletin boards: five (5) academic / student organization boards and four (4) additional boards specifically for student organizations. These bulletin boards are labeled, Upcoming Events & Information. Announcements of events, activities, issues, or meetings may be posted for:
    1. Academic, administrative unit or registered student organization, and will be given priority.
    2. Other items may be posted if activity is in concert with University goals and objectives, and if it is non-profit.
  2. Poster specifications:
    1. The sponsor must be clearly stated on the poster
    2. May not exceed 17" x 11", there are no restrictions on configuration.
    3. If larger than 17" x 11", see Banner Policy.
    4. Must be in compliance with the University Alcohol Policy.
    5. Organizations or offices wanting to retain their posters should remove them by removal date.
  3. If a poster topic deals with sexual assault, harassment, self-defense, etc., a copy should be sent to the Dean of Students Office.
  4. Academic Building Bulletin Boards Maintained by Public Safety
5 academic/student org boards:4 student org boards:
• Library concourse• Laboratory Sciences (across from study area)
• Mary Ann Cofrin Hall (next to 113)• Registrar's alcove
• Wood Hall (across from restrooms)• Rose Hall (as you enter from CL)
• Laboratory Sciences (across from study area)• Instructional Services (next to Media Services)
• Studio Arts (hallway from TH to SA) 

Academic Units and Administrative Office Bulletin Boards - Academic units and administrative offices have bulletin boards to post announcements. These boards are generally located near their office and permission to post materials on these boards is granted through those offices and may require the approval of the appropriate academic dean.

Classroom Bulletin Boards - Classroom bulletin boards are for posting of information relative to the classes held in that classroom, and may require the approval of the appropriate academic dean.

Kiosks - Any group or person can post announcements on the outdoor kiosks.