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Rising Phoenix

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Early College High School Program Overview

Rising Phoenix is a groundbreaking collaboration between school districts and UW-Green Bay, providing students with a future-proofing blend of dual enrollment, ongoing student success coaching and an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree while still in high school.

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Participating Schools

Rising Phoenix programs are active and underway in the following high schools:

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Powerful Partnerships

We are proud to partner with businesses and organizations committed to public-private collaboration and inclusive representation by expanding enrollment in the Rising Phoenix program. By working together, we can build a powerful model for encouraging a diverse community of learners that will make up our future workforce.

Joining Forces to Create Opportunity

Head Start

Rising Phoenix gives high school students a head start on college by earning their high school diploma and a two-year Associate of Arts and Sciences degree

Peer Learning

Current sophomore students are able to apply and will enroll during their junior and senior years of high school


Eligibility for Rising Phoenix can be adapted to the needs and goals of any school district — partner schools receive a dedicated webpage with specific details

A Synergistic Approach to Learning

Rising Phoenix takes a synergistic approach to learning to ensure student success.

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Student Success Coach

Every student will work individually and consistently with a Student Success Coach on the admissions steps and academic success.

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Social & Emotional Support

In collaboration with school counselors, the Student Success Coach will also help students balance college courses with high school life, providing social and emotional support.

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Learning Together

Students will learn together as a cohort for their First Year Seminar class where they will learn important skills for college success.

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Flexible Class Schedules

Flexible class schedules will be developed in order to fit individual student needs and their desire to remain in some high school elective classes.

Holistic Process

Our Approach to Admissions.

We assess students individually, based on academic and personal backgrounds. We are looking for students who have shown maturity, academic readiness and the grit needed to succeed in college. We also have an equity-based focus of serving students who are underserved and underrepresented in higher education.

Grade Point Average

A 3.0 GPA may be encouraged but is not necessarily required

Financial Need

If students are eligible for free or reduced lunch

College Readiness

If students demonstrate academic excellence or express an interest in early college

First Generation

If parents/guardians do not have a bachelor's degree


If students attend school regularly


If students are recommended by high school teachers and school counselors

Student Pathway

Application Process for Students

Below are the typical steps students take towards admission and enrollment into the Rising Phoenix Program. The process can be customized to school requirements.

Student Application

See example application. Short answer responses are required. Signed parent/guardian FERPA form also required.

 Teacher Recommendations

Two recommendations are suggested, one in a core subject area. Can be an online or physical form. See example recommendation form.

Student Transcripts

School counselor provides transcript and attendance record to review committee.


Students are notified of admissions decisions.


Admitted students meet with the Student Success Coach and school counselors for orientation and class scheduling.

Student Support

Admitted students receive ongoing coaching and support from UW-Green Bay's Student School Success Coach and school counselors.


Students can graduate from high school with a diploma and an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree.


Example Program Launch Schedule

Below is an idea of how a new Rising Phoenix program might rollout. We begin with a period of collaboration in order to design a program that fits your needs and aligns with your mission.

Timeframe Activity Description Format
One Year Prior to the Start of First Cohort
September/October Collaboration School district and UW-Green Bay staff discuss district goals, budget, timeline, admissions, and overall structure of Rising Phoenix Meetings, emails, final program agreement
Launch Program
November Announcement School district and UW-Green Bay announce Rising Phoenix program internally to teachers, faculty, and staff Meetings, emails
Communication External communication to students and families Website, press release, postcard, UW-Green Bay info sessions, individual student meetings
January Application Opens UW-Green Bay creates a dedicated school Rising Phoenix webpage Webpage
March Application Review UW-Green Bay and school form a review committee to evaluate applications Review of submitted materials, recommendations and student interviews
Student Cohort Finalized
April/May Student Orientation Admitted students are notified and begin working with Student Success Coach and school counselors for orientation and class scheduling 1:1 meetings, emails
tyliesha johnson student success story

Charting His Own Course

"The Rising Phoenix Program was super new, and I wanted to get first-hand college experience, try it out and see how it goes. At Manitowoc, you're a lot closer to your professor. The classes are smaller, and you go more in-depth. It's a lot more focused and personal. I was considering AP courses, but this was much better."

Read Mason's Story

Access Nearby

With Rising Phoenix, students and schools have access to any of our four locations and online for relevant courses.

Explore Our Locations

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Visit with Meagan Strehlow to learn how you can create and rollout your own Rising Phoenix Early College High School Program.

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