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FAQs for Students

Frequently Asked

Answers to commonly asked questions about Rising Phoenix.

Many students and their families have questions about Rising Phoenix. We share the answers to the most common questions we receive.

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What is Rising Phoenix?

Rising Phoenix is a groundbreaking collaboration between school districts and UW-Green Bay, providing students with a future-proofing blend of dual enrollment, ongoing student success coaching and an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts and Sciences degree while still in high school.

If I don't go to a participating school, am I still eligible?

No, the Rising Phoenix Program is only for participating schools and school districts with an agreement with UW-Green Bay. The Division of Student Access and Success at UW-Green Bay offers a number of other great opportunities for K-12 students that you can check out here!

What will a typical day look like if I'm in the program?

This depends on if you will be taking all of your classes at a UW-Green Bay campus location, or if you will be going back to your high school to take any courses (such as band or choir). If you are taking all of your classes through UW-Green Bay, you will spend your school day at a UW-Green Bay campus location. You will likely only have 2-3 classes a day, which will leave room for studying, eating and attending campus events in between! If you take classes at both UW-Green Bay and your high school, you may spend part of your day at each location - we will work with each student to create a schedule designed to meet your need. Check out any of our participating schools, to see an example schedule.

How does dual enrollment work?

You will technically be enrolled at a UW-Green Bay campus location and your high school at the same time. This means that even though you are taking classes at UW-Green Bay and earning those college credits, you will also be satisfying your high school graduation requirements with your UW-Green Bay courses. You will earn your high school diploma and potentially earn an Associate of Arts and Sciences (AAS) degree at the same time.

Why would I want to earn an AAS degree?

An AAS or Associate of Arts and Sciences degree requires students to complete 60 credits (approximately 20 classes) that include general education courses (e.g. social science, math, global culture) and an area of emphasis (e.g. Business, Natural Sciences, Fine Arts, etc.). With an AAS degree, you have essentially completed the first two years of a bachelor’s degree! That means, after you graduate, you may only have two years left to earn that bachelor’s degree! You can either continue with UW-Green Bay or transfer to another 4-year college or university where your general education requirements will likely be completed. Students are also able to jump right into the workforce with an AAS degree.

If I don't complete the AAS degree, can I still graduate from high school?

If you don’t complete the AAS degree, that’s okay! Any credits that you do earn through UW-Green Bay will still count as college credits and will help you to have a jump start on your college degree! You can either continue with UW-Green Bay or transfer those credits elsewhere. We will work closely with you and your school counselor to ensure that you are still satisfying your high school graduation requirements.

Will courses appear on my high school and college transcripts?

Any courses that you take at UW-Green Bay will go both on your high school transcript and UW-Green Bay transcript. Any courses that you take at your high school will just go on your high school transcript. When applying to colleges during your senior year, you will need to send both transcripts to the school you’re applying to.

Do classes and grades count as real college courses and credits?

Yes! Your transcript at UW-Green Bay will look just like any other UW-Green Bay students'. This transcript will be a part of your permanent academic record, which means you need to send it any time that you apply to a college or university. This can certainly help you with college admissions if the college you apply to sees that you took rigorous courses on a college campus and did well! Your courses will be with you as you continue, whether at UW-Green Bay or somewhere else! Do know that if you don’t do well in your courses, those grades still stay with you and may affect college admissions decisions and/or financial aid.

Can I still participate in extracurricular activities at my high school?

Yes! You will work closely with the Student Success Coach and your school counselor to create a schedule that fits your needs, which can include band, choir and other courses. You can also participate in clubs, organizations and other fun activities on a UW-Green Bay campus!

Can I use any IEP or 504 plan
accommodations at UW-Green Bay?

Yes! UW-Green Bay’s Student Accessibility Services will help students with a documented disability with academic accommodations. The Student Success Coach will help you to make that connection.

Will I be in classes with other UW-Green Bay students?

Yes, you will likely be in the classroom with other UW-Green Bay students, in addition to your Rising Phoenix classmates. Professors will be aware that high school students will be enrolled in their courses.

What if I decide that Rising Phoenix isn't a fit for me?

You will work closely with a UW-Green Bay Student Success Coach during your time in the program to ensure that you are receiving support both academically and personally. We want what is best for you, and if the program isn’t a good fit for you, your school counselor and Student Success Coach will work with you to transition back to your high school full-time. There are deadlines to consider, but we will work with you on them.

Is there a minimum GPA required to stay in the program?

During the program, it is expected that students will earn a minimum semester GPA of 2.0, as well as a cumulative GPA of 2.0. If there are concerns about the student’s performance, they will meet more frequently with their Student Success Coach for additional support and to ensure positive progress is taking place. If a student falls below a 2.0, the student, success coach, school counselor, GEAR UP education specialist will connect to discuss the best path forward, which may be transitioning to high school full-time and re-entering college when the time is right.

Will my family or I need to pay anything for the program?

Each program is different. Please talk to your School Counselor for more information.

How will students be selected?

Students, teachers, and counselors will be asked to complete application materials in order to get an idea of student readiness. Please read more about our holistic process. Students who aren’t selected will be notified if they are placed on a wait list and will have the opportunity to explore other early college credit programs that UW-Green Bay offers.

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Need More?

For more information about the Rising Phoenix Program, please contact Aubrey Schramm, Early College Programs Director.

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