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Practice In your Community

Get experience and apply your knowledge – all while staying close to home.

The required practicum is focused on community health problems, so you can understand how issues like preventive services and patient education impact people’s health. No matter where you are, you can complete this experience – practicums are set up close to home. Our Practicum Assistant will work with you to prepare for the practicum and make sure everything is in order.

Nurse speaks with elderly patient outdoors


Total hours required is 115.5 hours, with 70 hours at your community health site, 5 hours at community meetings and 40.5 hours working on practicum assignments.

Close to Home

We'll set up the practicum based on your preferences. Whether you're in Green Bay, in Wisconsin or outside the state, your practicum will be set up close to your home.


You'll work with your practicum placement to ensure you can complete the experience while going to school and working full time.

Types of Practicum Sites

Check out some of types of organizations for practicum placements:

  • Local/state public health agency
  • Hospice/home care
  • Infection prevention
  • School nurse
  • Community clinics
  • College/university health and wellness
  • Tribal community clinics
  • Insurance case management
  • Veteran's Affair case management
  • Occupational/employee health
  • Parish nursing
  • Travel abroad
Morgan Stary

Meet a

"Our practicum had to be something in the community, so I followed a local hospice nurse. It was very different from what I’ve experienced, but very eye-opening to know that there's another aspect of nursing.""

Morgan Stary
RN to BSN Degree

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Kaitlin Williams, practicum assistant

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Questions about the practicum? Connect with Kaitlin Williams, the practicum assistant for our RN to BSN degree program.

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