BSW Field Education

Purpose of the Field Education Experience

The student’s field experience is one of the most vital aspects of his or her career in the BSW Program. It is in the field placement that everything a student learns in the classroom is tested out, that students have opportunities to meet with clients and work closely with practicing social workers, and that real helping can occur.
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The Field Placement as Part of the Social Work Curriculum

Students in the BSW Program have field placements at two different agencies, one during the spring semester of their junior year, and the second during both semesters of their senior year.

Planning for the Field Placement

Field placement planning is organized by the Field Coordinator, who educates students about the field placement process, meets individually with students to discuss their professional interests, contacts and licenses field agencies, and helps students with issues and concerns that arise during the course of their placements. The Field Handbook describes this process and field policies in greater detail.