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Social Work Tuition Aid

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Explore how you can offset the cost of college tuition.

Our communities are in need of social workers committed to creating positive change for people. That's why there are many program-specific scholarships and stipends for you. This money can help ease some of your financial stress and make education more accessible.

UW-Green Bay Scholarships

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BSW Child Welfare Stipend

Since the mid-1990s, UW-Green Bay has provided grant-funded educational support to BSW students preparing for employment in the field of public and tribal child welfare. The Title IVE child welfare stipend program provides funding equivalent to full-time in-state tuition for the senior year for students who make a commitment to seek and accept employment in a Wisconsin public or tribal child welfare agency after graduation.


Students in the junior year of the BSW Program who demonstrate a commitment to working in public / tribal child welfare are eligible to apply. Applicants must meet and / or agree to these general requirements:

  • BSW student in good standing;
  • Enrollment in Child Welfare Emphasis courses;
  • Willingness to complete Senior field placement in public / tribal child welfare agency
  • Commitment to work full-time for one calendar year in a Wisconsin public or tribal child welfare agency upon graduation.

Child Welfare Program Materials


Applications for the IV-E Public Child Welfare Training Program are due by 4:00 pm on February 28th. Interested students are invited to contact the Child Welfare Coordinator, Heather Lawrence, MSW, APSW @ (920) 465-2346 or to obtain more information about the stipend program and the field of public child welfare.

External Stipends & Scholarships

The information below is provided to Social Work by external organizations. Social Work does not necessarily endorse the following organizations and has not examined the legitimacy of the funding opportunities. Students are encouraged to do their research on such opportunities and contact the organizations directly with any questions you may have.

Social Work Scholarships through Social Work License Map

Advancing your career in social work means you'll pursue a graduate degree. Explore available scholarships for people looking to get their master's degree through the Social Work License Map.

The CSWE Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship

 The Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund was developed to continue Carl Scott's legacy of equity and social justice in social work through building knowledge and furthering the well-being of individuals and their communities. View more information and eligibility requirements.

Professor Cary Waubanascum Hawpetoss

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If you need more support for finding tuition aid, contact our Financial Aid office, or get in touch with one of our professors, like Cary Waubanascum Hawpetoss.

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