What does the Spanish Program at UWGB provide?

  • The Spanish Program provides students with communication skills in both written and spoken Spanish and gives them an understanding of appreciation, literatures, and cultures of the Spanish speaking countries.
  • Stronger ties with the Spanish-speaking world. The growing number of Spanish-speakers in the United States have significantly increased the need for teachers and speakers of Spanish. Although some students choose to study Spanish primarily for personal growth and intellectual enrichment, graduates in Spanish have found satisfying careers in teaching, international business, translating and interpreting, personnel work, public relations, business management, social work, government service, and other fields.
  • The Spanish major is an excellent preparation for graduate study. Certainly, proficiency in a foreign language and understanding of other cultures are essential for peace in a mutually interdependent world. Learning a new language is a life-long endeavor, only part of which can be accomplished in the classroom.
  • All students of Spanish are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities faculty provide to travel and study in Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and South America. Additionally, many ways exist to interact with the Hispanic community of Green Bay.