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Thesis Track

The thesis track has a higher focus on research. Students on this track may want to join one of the faculty's research groups at the start of the program, where they will learn more about the research process and be ready for their thesis on their second year. Students who would like to apply for a PhD program after completing the master's program are strongly encouraged to pursue this track. Students can apply for both tracks as well; however, it would take at least 2.5 years to complete both tracks.

Students on the thesis track might want to learn more about the lines of research of the Psychology Faculty - not only the sport psychology professors, but also the other faculty, who could advise master's students on topics that align with their own research. They may also want to look into an elective courses that align with their research interests for their second year.

The curriculum of the thesis track includes foundational and advanced courses in psychology, sport psychology, and research methods. Thesis students also have 6 credits of thesis work on their second year and may want to connect with our community partners for research opportunities.

Below you can find a proposed curriculum for the thesis track:
First Year - Fall Credits
Professional Ethics in Psychology 3
Empathic Listening Skills 3
Theories of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology 3
First Year - Spring Credits
Advanced Psychological Statistics                                     3
Applied Sport and Performance Psychology 3
Multicultural Psychology                        3
First Year - Summer Credits
Advanced Psychological Research Methods                   3
Second Year - Fall Credits
Sport Sociology                                               3
Thesis I                                                                     3
Elective I 3
Second Year - Spring Credits
Psychology of Sport Injury                                               3
Thesis II 3
Elective II 3

Suggested electives would depend on the student's career goals and could include: 
PSYCH 435 Abnormal Psychology
HUM BIO 333 Principles of Sport Physiology
BUS ADM 589 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 750 Team Leadership
MGMT 730 Leading the Self
PU EN AF 615 Public and Nonprofit Budgeting
SOC WORK 727 Psychopathology for Clinical Social Work
SOC WORK 767 Assessing Mental Health and Substance Use in Practice
HWM 740 Health Systems and Policy for Wellness Managers
HWM 750 Planning and Evaluation for Wellness Managers