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Applied Track

Work With Performers

Acquire skills to increase focus and elevate performance.

From visualization to coach education to emotion regulation, you can help people improve their mental abilities to improve their performance. Our program also fulfills coursework requirements for the CMPC® credential after completing the minimum number of mentored hours.

Applied Track Course Catalog
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Hands-on Experience

As the name implies, students in the applied track are required to complete internships to apply what they've learned in class. But don't worry: we'll provide these internship opportunities through our community partners.

Internship Requirements


First Year - Fall
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 627 Professional Ethics in Psychology 3
PSYCH 610 Empathic Listening Skills 3
PSYCH 621 Theories of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology 3
First Year - Spring
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 605 Applied Psychological Statistics 3
PSYCH 700 Applied Psychological Research Methods 3
PSYCH 740 Multicultural Psychology 3
First Year - Summer
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 721 Applied Sport and Performance Psychology 3
Second Year - Fall
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 738 Psychology of Sport Injury 3
PSYCH 781 Internship I 3
Elective I 3
Second Year - Spring
Course Title Credits
PSYCH 730 Sport Sociology 3
PSYCH 782 Internship II 3
Elective II 3
Suggested Electives
  • MGMT 730 Leading the Self
  • NUT SCI 621 Community and Public Health Nutrition (cross-listed with undergrad NUT SCI 421)
  • PSYCH 544 Dying, Death and Loss
  • PSYCH 635 Abnormal Psychology (cross-listed with undergrad PSYCH 435)
  • PU EN AF 615 Public and Nonprofit Budgeting
  • SOC WORK 767 Assessing Mental Health and Substance Use in Practice
  • HUM BIOL 333 Principles of Sports Physiology (undergrad-level)
  • ENTRP 685 New Venture Acceleration
  • HWM 705 Strategic Management for Wellness Managers
  • HWM 740 Health Systems and Policy for Wellness Managers
  • HWM 750 Planning and Evaluation for Wellness Managers (for those who have taken some undergraduate business courses)
  • MGMT 452 Teams (undergrad-level)
  • MGMT 570 Data Science for Managers
  • MGMT 589 Organizational Behavior (cross-listed with undergrad MGMT 389)
Earn Your

The Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®) certification signifies the highest standard of education and training in the psychological aspects of sport science. It may take anywhere from 3–4 years to become a CMPC®, including your master's degree and mentored hours. Professors Alan Chu and Jo Morrissey hold the CMPC® certification and are eligible to supervise your required hours. To fulfill graduation requirements, you will complete a project presentation based on the internship experiences and competencies achieved.

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