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Banner Request

Organizations may request one (1) banner to be printed by SUFAC until an existing banner is no longer usable (ie. damaged, out-of-date information, etc.) equating to one (1) banner per academic year.

  • Please choose a design that will showcase your student organization, and be used multiple times.
  • Banner size will be 2’ x 4 ‘(24” x 48”), this size will fit at the front of a table or behind on a white board.
  • Banners can be printed in full color and will be printed on polypropylene paper which can be used indoor or outdoor and has less of a chance of ripping.
  • You will be asked to send the final design within the request form found in Phoenix Connect.

Banner Design Resources

Canva and Microsoft Publisher are programs to help create your design. If you have access to a graphic artist then utilize them.


Dimensions: 48” (w) x 24” (h)
File Type: PDF or JPEG
Color Space: CMYK
Bleed: 1/8” + trim marks if you can

Design Tips:

  • It is preferable to have a white background rather than a solid color. For the banner will be a colored print on white paper. A lot of solid background ink could become streaky in printing.
  • All logos or graphics used on a banner should be high quality and fully legible. If it looks fuzzy on screen, it will look that way in print.
  • White/open space is a good thing! Make sure your design is not too cluttered.
  • Avoid using too many fonts. Your design should not exceed the use of three fonts.
  • Avoid including a long URL with random characters. It is preferable to include a place to find more information about your organization, such as a social media page or the Campus Calendar ( QR codes are acceptable but may be subject to expiration if the link changes or becomes unavailable.

If there are specific questions about creating a custom banner or if further clarification is needed, please reach out to for some help.

Printing & Pricing

SUFAC will purchase one (1) banner for a student organization. Other banners within the year may be purchased by a student organization at the cost of $40.11 using their SUFAC allocated printing budget or Agency funds. Once an organization’s banner is approved, printed, and delivered, an email will be sent to the student organization to pick up at the front desk of the SEC UU150.