Banner Request Form

The University Union Marketing Team is able to design and print 3x5' banners for student organizations. Banners should be used indoors only and should be handled with care to ensure they last as long as possible.

Request Process

Use the Qualtrics Form to choose a template and submit your organization’s information. Before submitting a request, you must talk with Student Engagement Center staff (preferably Stephanie Kaponya).

Please allow five business days for processing and printing.
Our wide-format printer is only able to print one banner at a time and cannot accommodate a high volume of projects at once.
University Union Marketing Department hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday | 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. during the regular academic year.
The text you submit will appear exactly as written on the banner. A representative from your organization will have the opportunity to review the banner before it is printed.
Any requests for banners to be used specifically for OrgSmorg events must be received no later than one month prior to the event date.

Custom Banner Specifications

Use a design program to create your own banner. The following resources are easy-to-use, drag and drop programs that anyone can use.
Canva - View a tutorial here.
Microsoft Publisher - View a tutorial here.
Dimensions: 60” (w) x 36” (h)
File Type: PDF
Color Space: CMYK
Bleed: 1/8” + trim marks
Design Tips:
  • It is preferable to have a majority-white background rather than a solid color. A lot of ink on the banner will weight it down and make it more difficult to hang. It is also costly to print in full color, and additional fees may apply for heavily colored designs.
  • All logos or graphics used on a banner should be high quality and fully legible. If it looks fuzzy on screen, it will look that way in print.
  • White/open space is a good thing! Make sure your design is not too cluttered.
  • Avoid using too many fonts. Your design should not exceed the use of three fonts.
  • Avoid including a long URL with random characters. It is preferable to include a place to find more information about your organization, such as a social media page or the Campus Calendar ( QR codes are acceptable but may be subject to expiration if the link changes or becomes unavailable. 
If there are specific questions about creating a custom banner or if further clarification is needed, please reach out to

Printing & Pricing

Organizations may request one (1) banner to be printed until an existing banner is no longer usable (ie. damaged, out-of-date information, etc.).
The cost to print one banner that meets the specifications above is $45.00. Additional fees apply for artwork that is heavily colored and uses more ink.
Organizations have the option to utilize agency or SUFAC funds.
Once an organization’s banner is approved, printed, and delivered/picked up, the Marketing department will create an invoice. The invoice will be sent to, with the organization’s contact CC’d.