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Pre-Contract Worksheet

Use the form (below) to begin the process of arranging a contract.

What Happens Next

After you submit the Pre-Contract Worksheet to Student Life, we will process the information and send out a University contract based on the information you have provided. In cases where the artist has provided their own contract, we will modify the information to comply with University standards and return the signed contract along with a University Rider. After the contract is fully executed, Student Life will submit the contract to Purchasing to have the check printed. You are responsible for picking up the check on the day of your event from the University Ticketing and Information Center. Please contact the Organization Finance Office (OFO) at 465-2258 the day before your event to confirm the check is ready.

The following information is provided to assist you in the production of your event. It is YOUR responsibility as the programmer to follow through on these details:

Room Reservations

Review your reservation confirmation for accuracy when you receive it. If ANY changes are needed, contact the appropriate reservations office. Changes to room set ups must be received a minimum of 1 week prior to your event. It is your responsibility to understand the basic set ups for each room.

Events held in the University Union, academic and outside locations are coordinated through the University Reservations Office (x2462 or Requests for space in the Weidner Center must go through Stephanie Maufort (x5107 or Requests for space in the Kress Events Center must go through Brent Haack (x2064 or ).

Food Service

If you require food service for your event (for the people attending or the artist you have just contracted), check with OFO to make sure you are budgeted for catering and so they can help you complete a catering request. Please keep in mind that carry-in food items are generally not allowed. If you would like alcohol to be served at your event, then you must complete an Alcohol Request Form. This form must be completed a minimum of two weeks prior to your event.

Sounds, Lights and Audio Visual Equipment

If your event requires any type of sound, lights or audio visual equipment, a reservation is required with Union Technical Services. You may contact them at x2462, by email at or in their office on the UU, third floor. Reservations must be made a minimum of one week prior to your event. If your event is not in the Union please work with the staff at the site of your event.

Promotion Your Event

You are not finished yet. Your event will not be a success unless you have audience members or participants for your activity. Please remember to use all available outlets including but not limited to: Campus Life E-mail, Fourth Estate, Union Table Tents, University Calendar, posters, banners, etc. Student Life and Union staff are available for consultation in promotional matters.

Outdoor Events with Sound Amplification

All outdoor events that require sound amplification must first receive approval through Student Life or Glenn Gray, Director of Residence Life if the event is taking place in student housing.


Contact Grant Winslow in Student Life, UU 150. (x5676 or