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Travel Authorization for Student Organizations

All student organizations must complete the Travel Authorization Form for ANY travel. A registered president, vice president, or treasurer of the student organization within Phoenix Connect may submit the form at least five (5) weeks before the travel date. If not, we cannot ensure that the trip can be booked. DO NOT book anything on your own.

What's needed?

To complete the travel authorization form you will need the following:

  • A name for your trip (attend the XYZ Conference or participate in club sport competition, etc.).
  • The destination of your trip (city and state).
  • The date your trip begins (or leaves campus) and the date your trip ends (or arrives back on campus).
  • What is the method(s) of travel? Private vehicles/Enterprise vehicles/Bus/Airline?
  • There must be enough Authorized Drivers to accommodate all participants. Trip leader is responsible for ensuring enough drivers are authorized. See the Form for Driver Authorization.
  • If your trip requires an overnight stay:
    1. What hotels do you prefer?
    2. How many rooms will you need?
    3. Who will stay in each room of the hotel?

Trip Leader Responsibility

  • As the trip leader, you acknowledge, consent to and agree to be responsible for your trip and its members.
  • At least four weeks before the departure date, the trip leader will supply a list of all travelers (including the trip leader if the trip leader is traveling) and their UWGB email addresses.
  • The trip leader will then meet with the Student Engagement Center to finalize hotel room assignments.  On the Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan campuses, the trip leader will meet with the Assistant Dean of Students.

Financial Commitment

All who sign up are personally responsible for any funds spent that cannot be recovered, even if they do not go on the trip!

Travel Authorization Form


If you have questions, please contact the Student Engagement Center at