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Student Orgs FAQ

This FAQ will be updated as often as needed.

If your question is not answered here, please reach out to the Student Engagement Center

  • How do I get help?
    Contact the Student Engagement Center at
  • What rooms are available for org meetings and events?
    The University Union and academic buildings - contact, The Kress Events Center -, The Mauthe Center - and The Weidner - contact Stephanie Maufort have spaces available for events.
  • Can we have food at in-person meetings and events?
    Yes! Remember--events on-campus that include food must utilize University Dining & Catering or an approved licensed off-campus vendor. We still recommend food items be individually packaged. Please complete the Event Registration Form in Phoenix Connect to order food.
  • Is Org Travel Permitted?
    Yes! Remeber to plan travel at least 5 weeks in advance. If you have money allocated by SUFAC already in your budget just fill out the Travel Authorization Form in Phoenix Connect. If you need to request money from SUFAC you will have to fill out a SUFAC Contingency Form and then the Travel Authorization Form both found within Pheonix Connect on the forms page.
  • What about our SUFAC money?
    SUFAC org money is now available for orgs to spend as it has been approved by SUFAC. If you need to request money from SUFAC a Contingency Form must be filled out within Phoenix Connect and if the request breaks guidelines or is over $500 then the organization will be asked to present at a SUFAC meeting held on Thursday nights at 5:15 pm.
  • How do we spend our org money/get our org mail/arrange for storage drawers?
    Visit or contact the Student Engagement Center to ask your questions and get started.
  • Is there Promotional Booth Tabling?
    Yes, you can find a Reservation Request through the Univiersity Union Reservations team.