COVID-19: See our Phoenix Forward page

Student Org Leaders FAQs for Fall 2020

This FAQ will be updated as often as seems needed. If you have questions that you do not see the answers to here, please email them to me at --- if you are wondering about something, chances are so are other people!
  • How do I get help?
    Contact John in Student Life. The best way is to video call me on Microsoft Teams (Landrum,John). You can also call me at (920) 465-2532, or email
  • Can we still hold org meetings?
    See “Covid-19 General Campus Event Policies” at It is encouraged that all meetings that can be held virtually be held virtually.
  • How about if we just meet in-person outside?
    You can definitely do that.  First, consider whether you really need to meet in person.  Second, limit your group size to 10 or less, wear masks, and keep your 6 feet of social distancing.  A better question is "why meet outside?"  The Union still has rooms available for needed meetings.
  • Are masks required at our in-person meeting with under 10 people?
    Yes. Low-risk gatherings in-person of no more than 10 people can still be held, provided social distancing guidelines are followed and face protection is worn. See “Covid-19 General Campus Event Policies” at
  • What if we want to plan an in-person event with more than 10 people?
    See “Covid-19 General Campus Event Policies” at Note special that, among other things, events like these must:
    1. include a faculty or staff member as an Event Health & Safety Monitor who will be present during the event
    2. have a Facility Action & Safety Plan completed and approved. That form is available through Union Reservations and by clicking here.
  • What rooms are available for org meetings and events?
    The University Union, The Kress Center and the Weidner Center have spaces available for events. Academic spaces are not available for reservation.
  • How do we know about the social distancing requirements for different spaces in the Union?
    The Union has developed plans for reservable rooms that account for social distancing. Those plans are available through Union Reservations.
  • Can we have food at in-person meetings and events?
    See “Covid-19 General Campus Event Policies” at
    All events on-campus that include food must utilize University Dining & Catering or an approved licensed off-campus vendor and food items must be individually packaged. The following commonly shared food (pizza, buffets, build your own sandwiches or common snacks) are not permitted.
  • Is Org Travel Permitted?
    Not this fall. As found on page 4 of the Phoenix Forward document (at, non-essential university travel, including student org travel, is prohibited through December 31, and will be reviewed after that date.
  • What if our trip is scheduled for after December 31?
    We can make any arrangements needed provided that they are fully refundable if we need to cancel by December 15.
  • Is fund raising impacted?
    Bake sales are suspended for the fall. Other fund raisers will be evaluated on an on-going basis. Initiate your planning process by completing the Fund Raising Form in MyOrgs.
  • What about our SUFAC money?
    SUFAC org money has to be spent on the purposes for which it was allocated. If those purposes have or need to be changed, you can contact SUFAC directly at to ask about a reallocation.
  • How do we spend our org money/get our org mail/arrange for storage drawers?
    The Organization Finance Office (OFO) has been closed. The duties of OFO are being distributed to other Union staff. For now, start by talking with John about any OFO services you may need.
  • Is OrgSmorg being impacted?
    Yes, OrgSmorg for Fall 2020 will now be virtual!!  Instructions for orgs will be sent out in an email the week of August 24.