Mission Statement

The UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance program is a community of professional artists, educators and students that provides professional training in the related performing arts of Theatre, Dance and Design in the context of a broad, liberal arts education. Our program offers high impact learning practices that cultivate creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, and collaboration within and outside the program and delivers a rigorous academic and problem focused environment that seeks to produce work that challenges the mind, engages the heart and delights the senses.

The UW-Green Bay Theatre and Dance Program is devoted to the study, creation and analysis of live theatrical performance. Our program provides a rigorous artistic and academic environment for the study and production of all theatrical forms.

The academic and production components are complementary. The concepts and skills studied in lecture and studio classes are applied in the laboratory setting of production work.Consistent with the interdisciplinary emphasis of the UW-Green Bay, the Theatre and Dance Program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree that is a broader, more integrated major than comparable Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) or conservatory programs. All Theatre majors study each discipline within theatre -literature, history, performance, design, stagecraft, costume technology, analysis and directing. Students may then select an area of emphasis (Performance, Musical Theatre Performance, Design and Technical Theatre) for advanced studies or select the Theatre Studies track, offering the opportunity for advanced study in multiple disciplines. We are committed to the value of a liberal arts education and seek to explore and enhance the inherent connections between theatre, other academic fields and the society in which we live.

Theatrical production is successfully achieved through the collaborative integration of elements (literature, performance, design, technology and engineering) in a problem-solving, creative endeavor that culminates in a live performance for an actively engaged audience. We select our annual season of plays to expose students and audiences to a wide range of theatre genres that include classics, contemporary and new works, musical theatre and plays of relevance to societal and world issues.

The UW-Green Bay Theatre Program also strives to facilitate campus and community partnerships and to serve the educational, cultural, and research needs of the Northeastern Wisconsin through outreach, consultation, and accessibility to quality live theatre.

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