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Strict Probation

I just received an e-mail that I am on Strict Probation...what does that mean? 

Your cumulative GPA has now been under a 2.0 for two consecutive semesters. You have this semester to raise your GPA back up above 2.0 to avoid suspension.  

What can I do to return to good standing? 

There are various resources to help you succeed. Your assigned advisor can work with you on referrals to offices like the Learning Center, the Writing CenterStudent Accessibility Services, and the Wellness Center 

  • During the registration period, you are strongly recommended to register for a maximum of 12-13 credits in fall or spring and 6 credits in the summer term. 
  • While on probation you want to consider selecting specific courses that will yield the greatest potential for success. 
  • Repeat coursework: If you earned a D or F in a course, you could repeat it to help to boost your cumulative GPA. (Repeat policy – all your original grades remain on the transcript, but when you repeat, the most recent grade (not the highest) is used to calculate the cumulative GPA). 
What should I talk with my advisor about when we meet? 
  • Talk with your advisor about how you are doing in your current classes. Are there areas you are struggling? Perhaps we can suggest resources for you. 
  • Bring in your course grades to calculate where your cumulative GPA would be based on those estimations. 
  • Think about your successes. What you have been doing differently since last semester to be successful? 
  • Classes you are planning to take next semester and how repeating courses might help. 
  • Majors/careers are you considering. 
What will happen if I am unable to raise my cumulative GPA above a 2.00 when I am ithe strict probation process? 

If you earn a cumulative GPA between 1.0 and 1.99 for two consecutive semesters, you will earn strict probation. (Note: Suspension will occur anytime your cumulative GPA falls below 1.0.)

Will being ithe strict probation process my financial aid? 

Strict Probation could affect your financial aid so you want to be sure to contact the Financial Aid office.  Their phone number is 920-465-2075 and e-mail 

Will being ithe strict probation process affect anything else? 

Your GPA can affect the major you have selected. Some of our majors, such as Education, Social Work, Communication, Human Biology, Accounting and Business have GPA requirements. Your GPA may take a while to recover depending on where you are at or may make you ineligible for one of the programs above; you may need to explore other majors. You also want to consider what classes you earned poor grades: were these classes going towards a particular major? 

Will my parents know I am on probation? 

Only if you decide to share that information with them or if you have filled out a FERPA release form allowing them access to your grades. The University is unable to release information about your student record without your per