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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my professional advisor?

Find your advisor at "Who is my Advisor".

Q: How can I contact my advisor? How do I find their contact info and their office hours? Where do I go to talk to them in-person?

Schedule an appointment with your advisor.

Q: How do I download Navigate to schedule an appointment with my advisor?

You can download Navigate by following the online instructions.

Q: How does our advising model work?
  • Every degree-seeking undergraduate student will be assigned a professional advisor (PA) at the point of matriculation.
    • Undeclared students will be assigned to an Advising Center PA.
    • Students on the Marinette, Manitowoc, and Sheboygan campuses will be assigned a Location PA.
    • All other students will be assigned an Embedded PA in the college of their primary major.
  • A student's PA will remain with them until graduation with few exceptions – e.g., an undeclared student declares a major or a student changes programs to a completely new college or changes their home campus.
  • Students will also be assigned a faculty mentor (FM) as determined by the student's program(s) of study in conjunction with the assignment process in each college. Some students may have more than one FM depending on their academic pursuits (e.g., double majors, secondary education students, specific minors).
Q: What types of things can my advisor help with?
  • Provide accurate information related to curriculum, how to register for classes, degree and graduation requirements, as well as university policies and procedures.
  • Assist students in making responsible and informed decisions impacting academic progress.
  • Provide information and strategies to utilize available campus resources and services.
  • Assist students to understand the purpose and impact of higher education on their life goals.
  • Encourage and guide students as they define and develop realistic goals.
Q: Will they help me pick my classes?

Yes! It is important for you to check your UWGB email, your advisor will be reaching out and letting you know when it will be best for you to schedule your advising appointment.

Q: How can they help me figure out what I want to do after graduation?

Advisors will help you understand the academic programs available at UW-Green Bay and will connect you with Faculty Mentors and/or Career Advisors to ensure that you know all that you can do with your UW-Green Bay educational experience.

Q: Can they help me find internships/assistantships/independent studies?

They can guide you to several resources – like your faculty mentor and Career Services, for these types of opportunities.

Q: Is my advisor picked for me based on my major(s)?

Yes, advisors are assigned based on the major you indicate on your application for admission.

Q: How often should I be meeting with my advisor?

For new students, you will meet with your advisor for your first registration experience at UW-Green Bay and you will talk about when it makes sense for you to meet again at that appointment. Sometimes advisors will reach out to students and ask for a meeting because they have new information about your path to degree. You can also reach out to connect virtually, in-person or via email any time you feel a need to seek advice on course selection, talk about changing majors, minors, emphases, or just have questions about navigating UW-Green Bay. We are excited and ready to help!

Q: Can I use them as a reference after graduation?

That is something you want to talk with your advisor about directly!

Q: When should I meet with my advisor?

We are working hard to ensure that everyone can meet with their advisor in a timely manner. It is recommended that you reach out early to your advisor. Do not wait until your assigned priority registration appointment day to reach out. When it comes to registration, scheduling registration appointments and getting help when you need it- being prepared prior to your registration appointment is always a good bet!

Q: Why is developing a relationship with my advisor important?

We designed the advisor relationship to be a very positive impact on your experience while you’re a student with UW-Green Bay. You have a person who is your person for all things academic related. Also, you can talk to them about anything impacting your ability to be successful at UW-Green Bay. If they can’t help you directly, they will refer you quickly to someone who can. They are a team of individuals who work across our university to help students reach their goals!

Q: How do I declare my major?

You should reach out to your advisor! It is their job to make the change in SIS and talk about the impacts of that change. We want you to be well informed and have a clear plan as you work towards your degree. The Student Services Center is always the place to contact if you are not sure who to contact or how to do something. 920-465-2111