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GPA Calculator

How students use the calculator for your cumulative GPA.

  1. Log into your SIS Student Center.
  2. Click on the Enroll link under the Academics section (to the left of This Week’s Schedule).
  3. Click on the Term Information tab.
  4. Click on View my grades link.
  5. Select your current term of enrollment.
  6. In the Terms Statistics section, you will find your / Units Taken Toward GPA.  Add this number to the “Units (Credits) Taken Toward GPA” box below.
  7. In the next line down, you will find your current cumulative = GPA.  Add your current GPA to the “Current Cumulative GPA” box below.
  8. Enter your class information, anticipated grades, and repeat information below (if needed) to calculate your new GPA.

Current Semester

(Do not include non-degree pass/no credit courses.)

Graded Units (Credits)
Anticipated Grade
Previous Grade
(if retaking class)

Semester GPA


New Cumulative GPA